Sunday, December 25, 2016

the bee anne clowns

The Bee Anne clowns
And the poodles on hire
They will say and write
The many lies to justify

All they want is money
Pockets need to fill up everyday
Without doing the honest work
They don't have to sweat on it

Look at the clowns
One wants to be like Gandhi
Though he can't measure it up
He wanted to take a bath

There is another one
Sealed up his mouth
He didn't look good
He can't say about MO1

And the poodles in cyber-space
They will write nonsense
They don't write the correct thing
They just polished for the political masters

All they want is money
They sold their souls for it
They don't have to sweat it out
Until they are in the lake of fire

By then God will not forgive
Until they have oiled out all of it
The many cycles they have to go in
Screaming all the way

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