Saturday, December 24, 2016

ah mo1 the truth will hurt

Ah Mo1 why so afraid?
You don't have anything to hide
You say it so publicly
Maybe you don't mean it

Zai wants to find
In the court of law to decide
But you want to intervene
You can't sleep at night

Ah Mo1 the truth will hurt
It is better you own it up now
Leave the chair walk the light
It isn't too late to save your soul

You say it publicly
It is a donation from the Arab royalty
Maybe you don't believe it
So you want to intervene

You have your runners
Blocking every exit on your critics
Yet you feel you aren't safe
You can't sleep at night

DOJ has spoken
The American pies flow
Into the account in your name
So what now Ah Mo1?

You can't hide all the times
You have to own it up now
Cleanse your sins and faults
Leave the chair and pray

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