Tuesday, December 13, 2016

when we are tired driving

When eyes struggle to stay alert
While driving on the road
It is time to take a break
Rest the eyes and body

Stretch yourself in the car
Sleep on the seat for a few minutes
It will make a lot of difference
When you wake up facing the road

Do not try to stay alert
Keep driving as if you can control
Believe me it will cause accident
When the eyes suddenly close for good

It takes experience to narrate
Driving on the road to reach destination
Always believe a few minutes more
It is within the range the eyes played tricks

Double lanes it looks like a single lane
Driving all the way never even realize it
By the time I did my whole body turned sweaty
Lucky for me there was no traffic that day

A friend of mine swayed to a bus
He dozed off while driving
The bus driver blast his siren
He woke up in time to avoid an accident

When you are tired driving
Best to stop and rest for a few minutes
It will make so much difference
Between life and death

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