Wednesday, December 14, 2016

there is a reason why we die

Death waits for nobody
It is true in our lives
We are born, live and die
By accidents, by diseases, by old age
By killing, by beaten up, by poison, by murder
We are sure but don't know in what order
We only hope and pray it is humane to go peacefully

When we live we must believe
Life isn't to live and die
It has to earn its values
Everyday the life shines
It is the points one has to deliver
When one returns home to hand report

The good deeds the life earns
On the human's host to make a belief
Once we believe we have a purpose here
We will make amends and try to deliver
For our souls need it to enter Eden

The paradise world
Once lived by humans
Until we lost our birth rights
Our ancestors were sent to Earth
To start the journey of cleansing souls

Death is the process; life earns the deeds
The soul takes back; hand in the report
Stand in front of God waiting for His call
Will it be back to Eden? Or to Hell?
God decides the fate of souls

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