Friday, December 30, 2016

the fall coming soon

Don't cry Felda settlers
You have pawned your land
Dreaming of the high returns
Now the losses for the past years

The share price plunged
The investments got low returns
Now it seems the company has no funds
Yet wanted to buy on higher premium

When the open market is low
There is no reason to pay a higher price
It means there is something fishy going on
The Felda settlers must demand for answers

Bee Anne government will back sukuk
It will not be fair for the other races
Where Felda is predominantly Malay
The other races shouldn't be asked to pay!

These are the factors coming in
The scandals of IMDB and Atlantuyaa
The scorpion submarines purchased
Now the Red Dragon flying in!

The prophecy must come
The signs are there to be seen
Though the cyber-troopers will sing high
They don't see the fall coming soon

Like Taiwan once
The ruling party over 50 years collapse
In return a new party took control
In Malaysia it will happen too

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