Monday, December 12, 2016

the rogues on the move

The rogues on the move
They talk big with no substance
They cry out God's Name
It will be in vain

The rogues have no pure hearts
They have sinned in their lives
They think they are holy
They have dirt in their minds

In their backyards they don't see
The ill-treatments of the poor
The homeless, the destitutes
Even abuses of humans rights

Why they have to shout?
Go to the foreign countries
Show your middle finger
And see where you will land?

Our people these rogues never fight and defend
They don't make demands to correct the faults
They are as quiet as the rats in the sewers
Waiting for cheese to tempt them to make noise

Get our house in good hands
Only then we can make our noises high
We will get the respect we needed it
Not the shame; and divide and rule

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