Monday, December 26, 2016

the jamban

The jamban on parade
He has no shame and dignity
The red and white face women
They cry out in hurray!

This is the breeding
The basic skills they forget
In their eyes they seek the power
Along with it the wealth

Though it is the truth
Humans enjoy the kick of power surges
They will feel they are gods
Giving commands accept no feedback

This is the political party
Ruling for decades but weaknesses run
They covered it up piling with lies
It is on its final hurray for it will fall

The ultimate decay
It has to happen in our times
There is no reason for it to stay
Leaders like jamban and Ah Moi bring us shame

The world laugh at us
We don't seem to take action
We let the crooks walk freely
Taking our wealth and flee

Time we make amends
Let the crooks go to prison
Not today but it can be tomorrow
Don't let us cover our faces in shame

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