Saturday, December 31, 2016

love make us

Love can make us happy
Love can make us cry
Love can make us stupid
Love can make us die

Love can make us run
Without knowing where
Love can make us laugh
Watching others running blind

Love is like a wine
A good brew or a bad one
Once we taste it
We can see heaven or hell

Love can make us rich
The treats and tricks in the mind
Once love falls into a headless chicken
The way is clear to play the tricks

Love can make us poor
Giving up our monies and wealth
Falling deep into the love's spell
Running and choking and collapsing

We will never know
Why love treats us this way?
We sit and cry by the road
Losing our souls and our wealth

While there are others
Laughing and smiling in sunshine
Flocking together hand in hand
Locked in lover's eyes

Love make us
Weak or strong or stupid
In paradise or in hell
And we never seem to learn

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