Saturday, December 10, 2016

it is better to get a new ball

Where are the political frogs?
Once they were very aggressive
Talking of a race supremacy
Calling other races to keep quiet

They forget they too are the immigrants
They don't want to say out loud
They think they are the superior race
Nobody can touch them

What happen to them now?
They don't get the funding to shout?
Maybe their usefulness have gone
They aren't needed anymore

Now instead of the political frogs
Maybe they like the cool ponds now
The raining season makes it a good siesta
We have the red hooligans on the road

We know why it has to happen
The itching fingers to raise the NSC act
So far nobody wants the hooligans
It is led by one of Ambo baru leaders!

The red and white
The green moon
They play the race and divide
The rural folks better wake up now

Let's us go for change
We mustn't be afraid of our future
It is our destiny to make the new

It is better for us to get a new ball

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