Tuesday, December 13, 2016

we mustn't close our eyes to threats

The nation must be on high alert
The Islamic militants will try to score
Once they find a weakness in our security
They will make a hole for us to pay

The Islamic militants recognize our unity
They only target the Muslim community
Once they find the weak souls to betray
The nation and her developments

In the past the police scored many arrests
The Islamic militants trying to make wave here
Many were caught with evidence of causing damages
The buildings and the losses of lives

What had happened in Turkey
It mustn't spread over to this nation
The people must stay alert all the times
The Islamic lone wolves will make the move

This strategy is hard to track
As it involves only a lone attacker
He wants to cause maximum impact
On a devilish mission to destroy

The wrong understanding of a religion
It will cause the pain and misery for many
They believe their sins can be forgiven
They believe they will go to paradise

Like the Crusades of the past
They too believe their sins would be forgiven
There would be a place in heaven
As the priests would bless and testify on it

But the price is the lost of lives
The lost hope and taken for a ride
God doesn't need us to fight for Him
He has his angels to do his bidding!

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