Wednesday, December 21, 2016

we can be charitable but

The charitable people
They are still around
In the times in our lives
Though we can complain and cry

The hardship we face
There is no script to end
We look at it in our minds
When will it be?

The disruption of water
Selangorian feel the punch
They should recognize the demons
How they play to paint a bad name?

Bee Anne wants Selangor
Its leaders can't sleep well
Losing Selangor isn't in their books
So they will try to make it look bad

Let Bee Anne leaders cry
Let them lose in the next election
They have to learn to bow to us
They have to live with humility

But we can't be charitable
With Bee Anne leaders now
They fill in their wealth
Leaving us to suffer our fate!

We can be charitable
To people who suffer hardship in their lives
Losing homes; losing jobs; losing dignity
But not for political crooks who steal and hide

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