Saturday, December 10, 2016

the sorrowful tales of the illegals

They leave their country
Trying their adventure elsewhere
In the course of their journey
They never get the chance

No country wants them
They become illegals
On the land they seek
They arrive in numbers

Why they leave their home country?
They seek fortunes elsewhere
But luck isn't on their way
They suffer in sorrow and pain

In one country they are driven away
Many are killed when they refused to go
The army arrive with bullets to fly
The illegals flee but many die in the sea

Thousands arrive in Malaysia
The years they docked it here
They live and blend into the locals
But they are the illegals..

Their home country refuses to take them
They are left alone; stateless in other lands
They are pushed around but who's fault?
It is their own doing; the misadventures of their lives

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