Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the christmas season

The Christmas* comes again
The raining of presents and gifts away
The sharing of religious significance
The harmony in life and beyond

The singing of Christmas songs
Ringing in homes and churches
Let the good feeling flow
The sharing of goodwill and more

There will be thoughts
Of the unfortunate ones in our lives
The caring to serve and charitable needs
In this world we should remember

As we pray and sing
We mustn't forget the poor
The refugees and immigrants
The sick and handicapped persons

Let the light shine
To all who stand for the light
Let the beacon of hope high
In Christmas we share, pray and sing

The Christmas comes again
In joy and sharing and time
The bad will stay low and hide
Until then we enjoy the Merry Days

* Christmas isn't the birthdate of Jesus No record to indicate when Jesus
was born It was celebrated during the Romans heydays

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