Saturday, December 10, 2016

goodbye 2016

The last month of 2016
The year will end soon quickly
By the time I see out the window
A new day will take the flight

As the years have gone by
I will still be shaking my legs
Eyes on the keyboards entering the world
On places I never have been or seen

The success, wishes and wealth
Everyone will dream and pray for it
Some will get it rich others will complain
But the world is large must we forget?

I don't have any complaints
I am practically on my own
I don't answer to anybody
I let fly with my thoughts

The time is mine to do and waste
As the years before and now
Though good deeds and advice
Life still needs it to survive

Now counting the days
This year will come to an end
I don't have many in the basket
I am grateful I am still hanging here

The keyboards and the world of internet
It makes the day easy to see and map
Enjoying the sound, movies and advice
For free where I can find

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