Monday, December 19, 2016

the cry in the jungle

The cry in the jungle
The spirits who live for ages
They have tolerated the vast clearing
The ill-conceived plans to development

For decades they keep watch
Listening to the cries and prayers
Of the original inhabitants of the land
The Orang Asli who lived in our midst

We hear them protests
As bulldozers encroached their lands
They fight with the developers
They will lose the encounters

As the uniformed personnel will march in
Chase them away or lock them up
There is no dialogue to find it why
The land of the Orang Asli

There will be token of assistance
Helping them to assimilate in society
Some have made the grade in employment
Many are still living in the forests

The spirits of the jungle
They aren't sleeping in their walk
They are feeling angry and restless
The retributions will come

Kelantan had it last year
When major flood caused untold misery
The greed of humans still never learn

The spirits will weave their magic

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