Saturday, December 17, 2016

the bamboo river sings the names

The crooks in the elite
They think they can go free
With the ill-gotten wealth
Camouflaged as donations!

That's the catch word
It allows the bad ways to grow
Even in broad daylight
Ali Baba will smile

Down on the South
It was reported 2 bankers jailed
On their roles on IMDB
Right here there is total silence!

The authorities giving wrong signals
The officials dare not climb over the fence
They see the black dogs snarling at them
It is better we come another day and time”

There must be a reason
Why the authorities stay in the dark?
The final nail will come
As Atlantuyaa's ghost waiting for her day

The revenge on her horizon
Over a decade she seeks her justice
The scandals run in the corridor
The dark shadow sits patiently

The crooks in the elite
The darkness will light
The game of lies and deceits
The Bamboo River sings the names

Ali Baba and his forty thieves
The day of justice will hit the gong
The sound will vibrate in the air
The heyday will finally come to an end

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