Thursday, December 22, 2016

balance life needs

Too much religious doctrine
It will not be good for the head
Life isn't about religion alone
There are the explorations in the field

Sex, romance, adventures
Innovations, brands, leadership
Cultivating monies and wealth
It is how it makes life interesting

Too much religious fever
It will boil the head to the extreme
By then everything turns out bad
Nothing is good in the eyes

The mind tricks into immortality
The sins of the soul will be forgiven
By doing all bad things in the name of religion
It will be saddest story to write in history

The Crusaders of history
The poor souls will not be forgiven
Now with Islamic militants
History of the past returns

There is a time to play
There is a time to pray
There is a time to socialize
There is a time to share

Balance life needs
It isn't difficult to preach
Once life goes on the wrong
There will be bad rising

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