Tuesday, December 20, 2016

through history we learn

History makes a return
The Crusaders of our history
The knights were brainwashed
They thought their sins could wipe clean

When they went fighting
On behalf of God's way
Believing the priests
Forgiving their pitiful sins!

Now in modern history
We have seen the Islamic militants
They come in with guns and bullets
Killing people in the name of God

These militants are promise
Their pitiful sins will be forgiven
They will go to paradise with virgin brides
Living the luxury of endless satisfactions

But they don't see
The lake of fire capturing souls
The Devil will take his prize
The greedy and corrupted souls in the fire

The Islamic militants
Like the Crusaders in history
They too fall victims of bad way
They too will die for nothing

There is no paradise
There is no virgin bride
It is only the lake of fire
Burning them to hell!

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