Saturday, December 24, 2016

we have a choice

We have a choice
In our everyday life
Do we wish for the better?
Do wish to be cowed every time?

We have the police
Some officers need public skills
They forget we pay them salaries
Yet they shout at us!

They forget they can be hauled up
For the wrong display of arrogance
The laws must be obeyed by all
There is no preference treatment

The political managers we have
We vote them in so we should take the blame
We have a choice but we vote the familiar party
Until they become greedy of power and wealth

Now we will have our chance
We mustn't make the same mistake
We must have learned our lesson
We shouldn't vote the same party again

Our debts are high
Running over $800 billion and counting
The political managers will run away
Leaving the footprints we have to pay!

No Sir in our everyday lives
We shouldn't be paying for somebody's greed
We must wake up and make the change
Before we will fall into pieces of stupidity!

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