Saturday, December 10, 2016

the parenting skills

The parenting skills
It never comes naturally
It has to learn to be a good parents
Raising up children aren't easy

Some are bad parents
They only know how to scream
They only know how to use fear
Showing the children the cane

The more bad they do
The children will rebel over
They will try to do back the bad
We will hear more screaming sessions

The children need to reason
Tell them why they shouldn't do bad
Tell them why they need to do homework
Tell them it is for their own future

It takes patience with children
Those parents who don't have it
It is better for them without children
The children will turn bad following their roles

The children love to be praised
Every single time of their lives
They may try so hard to show
The parents should encourage them

The parents mustn't feel afraid
Saying sorry of the wrong
It will help the children
Understanding the part of growing up

The parenting skills
Sometimes it is common sense
We want the children to stay good
The parents should encourage joy every way

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