Saturday, December 17, 2016

the liars in darkness

The liars hide in darkness
In darkness they feel free
Feel free to plan and loot
Plan and loot for eternity

The hangers-on whisper
Whisper their wishes in pockets
Pockets heavy yet still need plenty
Plenty of easy money playing in their minds

Now the leaks expose in the air
The air circulates everywhere
Everywhere the knowledge of the loot
The loot siphones off in complicated ways

The liars can fool the people
The people who cling to crumbs for life
Life by itself isn't sinful but humans desires
Desires of greed, corruption and power

Now the educated ones take the road
The road the opposition too joins to fight
Fight the corrupted and greedy people
People of many colours will bring back the dignity

The nation needs the peace and unity
Unity seems so divided into race and religion
Race and religion put it on the wrong sight
Sight of compassion and reason should stay

The liars hide in darkness
In darkness they can feel free
Free by the light of truth
Truth will bring the liars in tears

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