Monday, December 19, 2016

the expression of dissatisfaction

The expression of dissatisfaction
It goes to the medium of coverage
Words may seem harsh or critical
The police chief is quick to act

Somebody under instructions
He will go make police report
Let the police run on the wave
Capturing the person who criticises it

When the report on MO1
The police chief takes ages to run
He will say he is so busy
Looking at the figure of billions

The key figures on the scandal
The police never go and catch
The police chief still waiting
The crooks still walking

And the people feel ashamed
When leaders have no moral duty
Learn the cultures of Japan
They will resign and leave quietly

Here the leaders are drowning in power
They don't see the truth in their eyes and minds
They only see the glittering diamonds of colours
Bewitching their minds and souls

And so the police chief sips his coffee
Browsing his news; chasing the small
The big white sharks popping in the seas
He watches with his binocular

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