Sunday, December 11, 2016

the old man on a crusade

The Old Man on a crusade
He has to swallow his pride and principles
Honed during his years in governing the nation
Now he has a bigger battle to fight

The nation is on the downhill
With Amno baru leaders can't see
They only think of themselves
The way of taking forget tomorrow

He quit Amno baru
The founding president of the party
He was a very sad and angry man
The current leaders can't think ahead

Now he formed a new party
Gathered his previous opponents
To stage a confrontation for the nation
To get back the shine and dignity

The Old Man swallowed his pride
He wants to get rid of one man
The one who brings shame to the nation
The one who is weak managing the country

The kleptocracy looms ahead
The currency rate plunges down
The costs of living and necessities going up
There is no firmed hands to steer the economy

We can't afford to get the slide
It will be hard for us to climb back
Amno baru leaders know the bell
They will face the music in the cell

The blind loyalty spells the doom
The red and white faces don't seem to know
The wagon trains will be stopped soon
The Old Man will make it happen

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