Monday, December 19, 2016

the old romeo dog

The old Romeo dog
He has not been seen for days
Sick and thin and under-nourishments
I saw him sitting near his owner's gate

His eyes looking sad and faraway
Maybe he was thinking of his good times
As a puppy yapping loudly in the nights
As he grew up he controlled his territory

No other dogs were allowed to roam
He will chase these alien dogs away
Sometimes I saw he would chase cyclists too
As they cycled passed him on the road

I could hear the shouting and yelling
For a while then everything back to normal
The Romeo dog would walk along the road
Inspecting his territory showing off his face

Now I don't see him walking by
Maybe he has passed on his life
The owner doesn't bother about him
The dog is left to feed for himself

If a person can't rear a dog
Don't take as a pet halfway
It will bring shame to the owner
As sin will nail him to the wall

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