Sunday, December 18, 2016

the captain looks worried

The ship still on the water
The leaking holes water rushing in
The sailours still trying to flush it out
In the brigade to keep the ship afloat

The captain on the upper deck
He screams loudly to get it done
The sailors in the engineering
They stay silence carrying out the tasks

The captain looks worried
Standing alone watching the scenes
Everyone trying to help
He still can't find a land

He checks his map and navigation points
He finds nothing to indicate a land
He prays hard to find anything an atoll perhaps?
As long as he can keep his ship and crew

The sudden storm hits the ship
The captain nearly loses his control
He manages to grab a rope
Pulling it tight he holds on

The ship goes up and down
The rising tides and waves
Every sailor shouts
The echo drowns in silence

Now the ship belly strikes hard
The holes become bigger
There is no way to salvage it
The ship is sinking fast

Abandoned ship!
Right now!”
The storm disappears
The sailors swim in the water

Look land!”
They swim to stay alive
Never mind losing the ship
Saving lives the way now

The captain sits on a trunk
His face looking sad and worried
He looks around on the deserted land
He finds nothing but empty greeting
Everyone on board?”
Yes captain we are!”
Thanks God for sparing us
We could all have died!”

Why are you sad, captain?
Nobody dies today
We are lucky we found land
We have to get used to our new home
We have to pitched a tent
Before the light is gone”
Captain, we can't be sitting in the open
We can be picked up as prey by the wild animals
Don't you think we should do what is necessary?
We still have light before dark dwells on us”
Alright! Go and find a suitable place
We need to stay together and keep watch
The island is too quiet
We only hear the wind and waves
Do you guys hear anything at all?”
In the negative, Captain!”

The Captain stands up
Walk to the water touch it with his legs
He feels good feeling the cold water
Then he sees a monster slowly rising up
He opens his mouth to shout
But there is no word
The monster stares at him
Long hair big eyes and big ears
Sharp teeth with long sharp claws
Face of a fish, hands of tiger
Body of a bear legs of a giant
How dare you stay on my land?”
He thundered his loud voice
The other sailors stand there
Eyes wide open legs trembling in fear
Is this a fairy tale guys?”
Doooonnn't be funnnnnnnnnny!
This is a monster
Look at the creature
Poor Captain!”
Do we run now?”
Don't be stupid!
Where can we hide?”

The Captain summons his strength and voice
I am sorry we dropped by on your land
Our ship sunk in the sea so we have to come here
We do not want to intrude on your privacy
Please spare us we have our misfortune”
Ha! It isn't my concerned what happened
Now you are on my land I have to take action”
But friend we have no way to go
Tell us where should we save ourselves but here?”
The monster stares down at the poor Captain
You will make me a good meal
I smell the human flesh and its aroma
You see nobody leaves here alive
They will be dead in a day or two
I live in the water but there are others
Living on the land waiting for humans
I think they make your ship sunk in the water
It is my land but I can't live on it
I can survive for a few hours
But you guys make a good meal
Ha ha! Welcome to the island
Where the dead stay dead!”
The Captain shouts “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!”

The monster wants to clobber the Captain
Suddenly there is a high pitched sound
The monster stops looks around and leaves
He stares at the Captain before he dips in the water
You are lucky today
Somebody wants you to stay alive
My master who makes me like this
I hope you are lucky than me”

The Captain quickly runs to his men
Did you all see the monster?
We have to think quickly
There are others on the land!”
But Captain look at us
We have our short swords
We didn't salvage anything
We are all doomed here!”

They all hear the high pitched sound
Ringing high in the air around them
Is this the other monster?
We have no where to hide”
Captain, what must we do?
We can't run to nowhere
We are stucked on this land”

The Captain stares at his sailors
Tears flow from his eyes to his face
Studying each of his men quietly
He takes a deep breath and says
I am Ali Baba
You are the forty men
Together we steal and run
Today we face our worst nightmare
Our sins have created the monsters
Right here on this land
We all will be doomed!
Captain, it is our trade
It is our profession isn't it?”
No, we go by the easy way
We trade by stealing
We trade by telling lies
We tell our sob stories
We get what we want
Then we all disappear!
Now we face our worst trading
We are fighting for our lives
On this land of monsters
We had seen how one looks like!”

The sea is calm
The sun is going down
The high pitched ring
Loudly in every few minutes
The Captain and his crew
They try to find way to hide
They scout around but find nothing
Only the loud ringing welcoming them
As the sun finally bids its farewell
Rising high to the sky
They watch the swarm of black giant bees
The wings flapping loudly in the quiet land
The Captain and crew must hide quickly
They cut down branches and pitched a tent
Using their shirts they cover it up and hide
There is no light to attract the giant bees
They hope to stay alive until morning

The giant bees fly around
Searching for targets but find nothing
The giant wings flapping loudly
On the land everything looks the same
The giant bees search beyond
They can't find they see all green

Inside the make-shift tent
Nobody makes a sound
It is better to stay alive
Then get sting by the giant bees
They hear the loud flapping wings
Brushing through the leaves
They are afraid the leaves may give way
Lucky for them it holds quite firmly
About 10 minutes the giants bees are gone
They fly to another island to search for targets
Ali Baba and his forty men huddle together
Willing their minds to block out the fear
They pray hard for their sins
They promise to turn around and be good
They have enough sins to last them
In the early dawn of the light
They hear the high pitched ring again
They peep out from their tent
Ali and the forty pairs of eyes
Can we go out now Captain?
We need to stretch our legs
We need to find water too”
The Captain crawls out to see
The dawn light shows him nothing
He hears the high pitched ringing
He wonders what it is
You all can come out now
It seems the land is clear”

Everyone crawls out
Breathing the cool morning air
Listening to the sea waves
There is no monster and giant bees
For a while they feel they are free
Then in a distance a group of white people
They seem to float with the wind
They are starting to shiver again
It is nevvvvvvvvvvvvvver end Captain?
This time we are surely doomed”
Stay calm and pray
May our Lord grant us His protection
We promise we will do good
When we see civilization again”

The group of white people
They walk down effortlessly
Ali Baby you promise to change
No more cheating, telling lies
Likewise with your men
We hope you have learned something here
Don't forget what will happen to you all?”

Ali Baba and his men
They stare to the sea wishing they are the ports
The sound of trading, women, gold, diamonds
And the exotic dancers and their songs
They miss those sinful events and desires
And the white people blast into their minds

We will let the giant take his meal
We will let the giant bees sting you to death
Let your body be the meat for the giant
You will have no home to go at all
Your souls will be the wondering spirits
Get killed all the times all over again
Do you all understand what we are saying?”

The Captain and his crew
They turn around stare at the white people
We understand you perfectly
Today we will make our amends
We will promise we change our ways”

Good! And now you can all go home
To the place you desire the most
This will be your temptations
We will leave you to your faith
You know the score and we will not say anymore”

The group of white people disappear
Ali Baba and his crew on the port they enjoy
Once they see it is real they know realize
They shouldn't go astray else death will come
So swiftly they can't even pray

It is better to do good
There are chances to go to paradise
It is better to lose in this world
By doing all the charitable duties
Once in the paradise world
The angels will sing and make it a joy
Everyday of the life

Ali Baba and his crew know
One wrong move their lives will be gone
Into the lake of fire burning forever
There is no escape but death always

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