Sunday, December 11, 2016

religion in politics

Religion in politics
It will bring tears in our eyes
The elected representatives
They forget their roles to serve all people

Look at Perlis State Assembly
They passed a law on unilateral conversion
By a parent on the children
Without the consent of the other parent

Though these representatives are learned people
Why must they go against the Constitution?
Don't they ever read and understand?
Or are they just want to show their supremacy?

Though they will know it is unconstitutional
The aggrieved parent can sue in court
What is the reason behind the move?
Somebody wants to jump the gun?

The nation is Secular
The politicians should understand
Unless there is an over-haul of the Constitution
There is no reason to create more sorrow

Parliament has table a bill
Addressing this religious problem on conversion
The Perlis State Assembly shouldn't go the wrong way
It never brings cheer to her people

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