Thursday, December 29, 2016

the abandoned children

The abandoned children
The parents never wanted to see
Leave them to the charity homes
Wish the children all the best

Every child has a story
It is always a sad yarn to hear
Without a proper family in their lives
The child is left to work it out

Lucky for the abandoned children
They are caregivers willing to coach them
Though on voluntary basis to the charity homes
These care loving people hope to reach out

Let the abandoned children have hope
Life isn't so bad living in the charity homes
But when they grow up they have to find their living
They have to find their way into society

The childless couples
They wish to adopt babies
They want to teach the children
The roots of their own painting

They will not adopt teenagers
These children may have their set of ways
It will be difficult to teach or reach out
They never want to face conflict issues

The charity homes are short term shelters
The abandoned children once they grow up
They have to find their own in society
But there is hope they will make it

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