Saturday, December 31, 2016

the praising games begin

The praising game begin
The Amno baru leaders start campaigns
Telling the Chinese of their resilence
Helping to grow the country's economy!

When it suits the Amno baru leaders
They will sing heaven and earth to please
But the truth is the Chinese have known long ago
They have kicked the addiction to stay alert

The praising will not sway the Chinese
They may smile and shake their heads
Maybe MCA will feel proud of it
Gerakan is breathless seeing stars

No matter what the Amno baru leaders do
Even with their side kicks to hit the road
The change has to come to save this nation
We can't let the Red Dragon comes in

The power of the Red Dragon in economy
The Amno baru leaders go and borrow
It is said to cover the many holes in the scandals
We will be enslaved if the nation fails to pay

The power in our votes
If we don't play the game right
We shouldn't cry and scratch our eyes
We choose leaders on the wrong side

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