Thursday, December 29, 2016

goodbye careless whisperer

Last Christmas I waited
You never came to see me
You let me alone staring at the stars
Believing there was hope

Wake me up before you go-go
I didn't want to sleep
I saw the heaven I saw hell
It got me shaking out bad

When I was young
I mixed with the wrong crowd
The careless whisper in the air
The wrong way burning me in hell

The monkey at my back
I couldn't shake it away
It kept me awake in my head
Bullying me in many ways

Jesus to a child
I never could get it through
I got into the wrong shape
I sucked out my life to be bad

Last Christmas
I didn't wake up to see the snow
I saw the monkey left me
And I knew I was gone

Goodbye George Michael
You had your run in the race
Now the monkey was gone
You are free to roam in peace

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