Friday, December 16, 2016

gallop together or nothing

DAP why still harp on Pas?
Pas has stabbed you at the back
Back when Pas feels it won
Won by the support of its partners
Partners now Pas have sabotaged

Sabotaged gleefully by harping on Hudud law
Law of hudud will slap on the moderates
The moderates will not sit sipping tea or coffee
Tea or coffee will in turn get together to resist the bill

The bill of hudud will divide the nation
The nation hasn't gotten the stomach for the ordeal
The ordeal of shame and losing dignity on the scandals
The scandals of looting, greed, corruption and wastage

And DAP leaves Pas to its downfall
Its downfall by its leaders of no principles
No principles in Pas the party will be gone
Gone to the wind when change blowing its way
Its way to kick out the Trojan horses in play

Don't you realize by now?
Now Pas is cosying up with Amno baru
Amno baru doesn't want to lose in battles
In battles of the village folks
The village folks must be told of the scandals
The scandals bringing shame to the nation

The nation is at a loss
A loss of dignity to face the world
The world has read about the scandals
The scandals which cause us the misery
The misery we must not let go and forget

And DAP the opposition pact must be strong
Strong in unison to face the challenges ahead
Ahead the nation hopes to change
Change for all a new tiger emerges on the hill

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