Wednesday, November 30, 2005

nothing to do 2

Everybody is struggling to earn a living. Day in day out, wake up early morning returning late at night just to earn a living to survive. Look at their faces. Frowned, tired, depressed, lack of social wonder every one has no living soul. They just go out to kick some asses in the offices or trade missions or meetings in whatever forms. What happen to dreams and ideals? Some how I feel it has gone out of the mind. "We want to find enough to eat and pay for houses, for cars, for holidays, for medical expenses, for career advancement, for corruption to progress etc When arriving each day at home there is really no life to play. Children increase the working load more stressful feeling in the head. Some say this is life; it doesnt come cheap with freebies. It has to earn to get the 'warm good feeling' which I think it is unlikely will happen to majority of them.

I am earning nothing just enjoying my freedom for a change. I feel so good up in my head. I dont have to get up early morning nowadays. Last time I used to get early, go to work early too. In fact work always finished late in the night. So now I have my own pocket money to do what I please. Every day looking at the 2nd house and thinking what to put in or change the outlook. This helps me to energize my lazy mind for awhile. Next year I have another one to look at...this one is not that important as the first and second homes. It is more like a holiday retreat surrounding by natural landscape, lakes and perhaps when it is fully completed a nice cozy town.

So now I dont have to run with the pack. I lepak myself and as usual my favourite dwindling is writing poems. I never see how the time passes by. It is the feeling that I have written something for history. Perhaps my own history in poetry. Who knows the poems may become famous? I can't see far ahead. Only know I have used my time the way I think I should spend it

Monday, November 28, 2005

flames of fury 14

The deputy IGP wants to catch the person(s) who filmed the 70 sec video clip. By right he should catch his own police officer(s) for bringing this uproar in the public. He shouldnt waste taxpayers' money to go for witch hunt so that he could cover his own weaknesses in the police force. Maybe he wanted to do 'a ala Anwar style' because he got his rewards. This could be his own 'waterloo'. The old saying will come back to haunt a person -Dont do to others what you dont want others do it back to you. Hell...perhaps he just doesnt care anymore. What the PM is doing? Calling him to investigate not the IGP himself? So far nothing has come from the IGP. Very interesting! When one doesnt know what the left is doing, the right has no business to shoot either! Because it rings badly on either side. Now he says it is a standard procedures to strip suspected person(s) So in his own words he is allowing it to happen. If Tun Dr Ismail was around, I am very sure the Deputy IGP will be demoted or sacked! Ask Tun Hanif about Tun Dr Ismail. The country should have another person of Dr Ismail leadership. He didnt tolerate nonsense from any quarter. This is what the country needed. He thinks this incident will go away. I dont think so. The Chinese Nationals had filed reports back in China. And the ambassador has notified the government. Dato Azmi to discuss with his counterpart in China about dismay arrivals from China. This again is a wrong move by the PM. He should get a person from the MCA or Gerakan to help in this incident or wooing the Chinese to visit the country again with full cooperation from the uniformed personnel.

True the Chinese women cracked marriages break up as reported the chinese housewives to Women's Wing of MCA. It can happen to any race. To me it is a trend of broken marriages or sex affairs or love affairs. It is nothing new. The housewives should ask themselves why their husbands or boyfriends go for another. To me it is going down to bedroom antics. Yeah...remembering about 'Desperate Housewives'.

Back to DIGP. He should better explain himself. If he can't, I think he has to go. It is no use employing him. It is a waste of public funds. Maybe Anwar's ghost will suck him dry....

Do I hear a ghost? So many now circulating in the air....

Saturday, November 26, 2005

flames of fury 13

The Deputy IGP said it is within the rights of the police to perform their duties to strip 'suspicious person' even when a case is not proven. Imagine the police can upstage the laws of the country which it is told to uphold the importance of rule of law. The Deputy PM said the police is not allowed to perform this shameful act on innocent victims. Someone is rotting in the head and the tail starts the vicious cycle. Or perhaps someone is trying to embarass the present government which is looked upon as weak in its administration. Only talk and talk yet no action to show. The PM called the Deputy IGP to take stern and appropriate action. People ask what happen to the IGP? He should be in the forefront of this issue. He isnt around to tell the public. The Deputy IGP said it is a low ranking officer in the local district polic HQ but the OCDP denied the low ranking police officer is under his district! If one reads the statement, the Deputy IGP is defending his officers than go out to tackle the ills in the police force. Shame, really if it is really true. Since the police like to do things behind close doors, it is time too that the Deputy IGP suspends the low ranking officer and the OCPD of the district for failures to control his subordinates. Yet nothing is done. Only take statement from the low ranking officer. No wonder the other policemen dares to sue the student for reporting him to the ACA even though he is advised not to pursue his case by the Cabinet. Because he knows the government is weak. He can do what he wants. Does he care about his uniform? To me it is good he sued the student. Then we can see more worms crawling out on the police force. Naked them this police!

Police escapes charges because there is no evidence to show. How to? In close doors and behind the purview of the minister or government. Even it is true, the police will claim it is done by people who hate the force. I know it is true. Of course the police will deny responsibility.

Friday, November 25, 2005

flames of fury 12

Caught in the actNaked woman filmed doing ear-squats in front of woman copB. Suresh Ram and Charles Ramendran

KUALA LUMPUR: A 71-second video clip shown to two government ministers and several members of Parliament left them speechless and stunned.
The clip shows a naked woman in a locker room doing ear-squats in front of a woman in police uniform.
Home Affairs Minister Datuk Azmi Khalid, who watched the video, said such an incident should not have occurred and if it does involve police personnel it amounts to police abuse.
He is confident the police will investigate and get to the bottom of the matter, with the force's top brass paying particular attention to the matter.
However, there is no indication as to which police station or police personnel was involved, and this is something which has to be ascertained, said Azmi.
The clip, received by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) format, is believed to have been widely circulated among the public who use the latest generation of handphones with MMS features.
Kok showed the clip, stored in her notebook, to several MPs, ministers as well as reporters in the Parliament lobby yesterday.
Chinese daily China Press published two frames from the video on its front page yesterday. It said a businessman had received the images on his bluetooth-enabled handphone and handed it to the newspaper on Tuesday night.
It also reported that a reader passed the clip to its office in Seremban on Wednesday afternoon. The paper showed the clip to a police officer.
Minister in Prime Minister's Department Datuk Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said he will forward the video clip to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He will also bring it up to the cabinet meeting next week.
"If it did happen, then it's embarrassing ... it's shameful," he said.
Nazri said proper procedures must be followed if the police think it is necessary to strip someone.
Meanwhile, Kok said she believes that the woman in the video was not one of three Chinese nationals who accused Petaling Jaya police personnel of abuse.
"What I want to ask is whether it is a standard practice for the police to make detainees strip naked and to do ear squats?" she said.
There was more excitement in the Parliament building yesterday afternoon when two police officers from the Petaling Jaya station arrived at the press room to view the clip which was recorded by a TV3 crew.
The police officers, however, declined to speak to reporters. to PJ police chief ACP Mohd Hazam Abdul Halim lodged a police report over the video.
This was confirmed by Selangor CPO Deputy Comm. Datuk Yahaya Udin.
He said the report will be investigated by the district police to identify the policewoman in the video clip.
Police will determine if the images were genuine or had been doctored, he said.
Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) said the recent incidents involving police personnel would only undermine the credibility of the force in the eyes of the public.
"Whatever good that was brought about by the Police Royal Commission Report has come to nought," he said, adding that such abuse must be stopped and an investigation conducted.

What now? More silly things out from the can. Top terrorists now this! Shame! Shame! Shame! Will there be an end? I dont think so. A police man wants to sue a student for reporting him to the ACA. Though the Cabinet had directed him not to file charges on the student he went ahead. He should sue the ACA if he wants to clear his name. I think he should be dismissed from his job for not following orders of the Cabinet.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

transsexualism 2

They are born with these tendencies for a reason. God's works always unexplained. You can read all the scriptures yet you are at the beginning; you never seem to come to an end. Even if the scriptures are explained to you, you find something to bar your mind. You ask again "Why happen to these people?" "It is a test of one's faith?" The root of our problem is ourselves. We dont really admit that. We always find fault with God. He is suppose to make everything good. Yet you find there are flaws in the birth of humans. So the questions come up again and again. A long list and answers are hard to find.

We think of these people - transsexuals. A shame? A sign post? When I was young in my kampung, my uncle ( I dont know how he is related) used to show us kids then how to dress up as a woman. He did show us with all the make-up and dressing. Yes...he looked quite alright as a woman. Presently, I dont know where he is now. As far as I know he doesnt get married.

Now the Vatican Church came out with an order about homosexuals. The Roman Catholic Church has been plagued by homosexual cases in USA. The Pope doesnt agree that these people should hold any post in the administration of church. They should ask God to expunge them of their desires in the same sex. By right and by law same sex marriage shouldnt be encouraged or allowed to go. I don't show disrespect to these people. They should learn what they are born to do. They can gain respect for themselves if they fight for their rights as human beings. Don't go playing 'god' or follow the footsteps of the 'devil' I understand that most of them are in prostitution which they themselves do it giving that the 'sane' people push them away. Giving excuses are the true test of our own weaknesses. March forward as what they have got. Why feeling shameful as if they have committed the gravest sin in their lives?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

nothing to do 1

Raining and drizzling in my area. The weather couldnt decide what it wanted to do. Rain stopped then drizzle. Every time I looked to the mountain to see "going to rain hide and seek?" on the main range. Sometimes it was cloudy with dark spots in different areas. I had been tracking it quite awhile...about the weather. Listen to this- every Wednesday - pasar malam time - it rains. I can't understand it. Maybe some people dont want the night market in the housing estates. It had been going for about 2 months now.

Today(22/11/05) drove up to Ipoh. Measured the whole place of Jusco from top to bottom and side ways or whatever ways. Visited the exhibition of Admiral Cheng Ho Or Zheng He (I didnt know his name changed to Zheng He) Pictures and paitings about his voyages and his final resting place. Actually I dont think it is all about Admiral Cheng Ho. There are books on sale - fictions, cookeries, interior decorations, animals, chinese and english. It is just to pull the crowd nothing really about 'real' exhibition.

Drove to Bandar Sri Botanic before reaching Ipoh to view my house there. It is still in work in progress. I think it is going to be ready by March 2006. This place when it is fully developed could be a very nice place to live and enjoy the scenery. It is situated on a 1,200 acres of palm oil plantation. The whole project will take about 12 years to complete. It has a mixture of single/double storey houses, bungalows by the lake, link double storey houses, playground, schools, police station, shops, post office, market and jungle or jogging treks surrounding the lakes...

It was still drizzling when I drove back home.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

transsexualism 1

The headlines "Jessie Chung and Joshua Beh" a million ringgit marriage on the front page of a leading english newspaper. It could be another loving couple's marriage but this one came with a twist. Men got married- one went for sex change operation and the other as a man. It got people talking about transsexualism again. In this country it is difficult to live in such limbo. There are many obstacles for these transsexuals to earn a living. Yet they survive in whatever forms they find to elk a living. Society may shun or negate them. These people should stay together and earn a worthwhile living. They are so many ways to find work but these people opt for the easy way out. Prostitution. When I was living in the city, my kampong then wasnt that really far though it was in Selangor, I used to be friendly with a few of them then. I didnt find them anything out of ordinary. As long as they behave themselves I am sure society in general will accept them. It is the different attitude, mostly towards themselves, that made them the target of police. As I said they go for the easy jobs always giving the excuse no one is willing to help them. So the trade of the night..I can feel their stigma attached to them physically. Some are very beautiful and kind and others are the worst in presenting themselves. I don't know why they always want to "up" with the women. I had watched "Paper Dolls" presentations. The guys were really outstanding as females in that show. In one look one couldnt differentiate these "females" were guys!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

property 7

It has been said house buyer should engage his own lawyer. But in reality it hasnt been done. Look the housing developer will give the buyer a list of lawyers to choose. The officials say this is the recommended list which the housing developer will deal - meaning they can talk terms easy - no hassle when come to dispute. In reality these appointed lawyers on the list will fight for the housing developer than the house buyer. I think it is true when one reaches the dead end of a road. Even when I buy houses in the market this is what happening. I dont see the lawyer neither I am told this is my housing lawyer. This is for my second house. In the S & P it was signed by a lawyer without attaching himself working for the same firm representing the housing developer. Only later I found out he is one of the firm partners. The third one I bought gave me a list of lawyers to choose. The rationale was the easy way to handle complaints or what. In fact the 3rd house lawyer was recommended by the sales official. So I let it be. Because in reality the house buyers have no choice though it is said the house buyer has a choice to pick. It is always the political talk by the ruling government. The real implementation is still weak.

The government says the housing developers can not collect booking fees which are illegal. When you go to book a house, you have to pay a booking fee. It can be forfeited if you can't raise the 10% down payment in the end. Do the government officials read the newspapers and advertisements? I can safely bet these officers waste time on tea breaks or pretend to be busy with their work but not the real kind of work.

The concept of complete the houses than sell has been dragging on. The government should just pass the laws to benefit the rakyat. No...there will be discussions and more discussions and finally died off in the dustbin. It is only for history buff to record what is happening

Friday, November 18, 2005

flames of fury 11

The immigration officials stripped the Chinese female Nationals. Why must they perform that? On one hand the country wants to promote her tourism. On the other hand we have these uniformed officers doing something else. Maybe they want the country to be backwards. No tourist no work and get paid. How nice! Statistically, the tourist arrivals from China has dropped mainly because of the uniformed officials harassment. It is a very shameful act. The country doesnt need this cheap publicity. It erodes the confidence of other people to visit the country. In the newspapers many reports had been lodged by the aggrieved parties yet there is no official comment.

Mykad is suppose to be full proof but somehow on the latest reports I have my doubt. The plastic card can be broken. The information one couldnt really check on face value. But to ask to buy a reading gadget to read one's information is making a crony rich. In fact the officers must understand both languages - English and Malay. Currently this level has not been reached. These officers have poor command of English language and we are suppose to be known in our languages. How far have we reached this low level? The government policies and its inability to make a difference. Only good talk no substance. Sad really for my country.

I wrote to the Town Council about a road has two names. It is going to be 2 months I haven't got a reply. This is the attitude I have seen in the government department(s) The Chief Secretary should sack these senior officers for not performing to the needs of the rakyat. So I hear only talk and talk and continue to talk. The point is these officers would know how to put name on a road. Afterall the department has the complete layout of the town/city. Yet I think they enjoy sitting in the airconditioned office. This is the reason why I see so many unfinised businesses for the town council. The only excuse I always here through out the years not enough workers!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

gandhi and friends 4

The telephone rings and Gandhi gets up to answer the call. While he is away, his friends begin to whisper something else

Lanai : At one time Gandhi is involved in law and earning a decent living. Now he spends so much time on politics. So guys he has, I am afraid, a focus in his life. This is what he wanted to do.

Dog : True Lani. But we are the ones struggling to find our roads. Somehow we have lost our direction in our lives. Look at us. We are just struggling to live day by day. Maybe this time we should hit the road with what we want to do. So much time lepaking around until we are all become lazy!

Rat : Shit! Sorry I spill my coffee. It has to do with motivation. What we want to do? One has interest to fight for the poor and under privileged. Yet we are still thinking about it

Lanai : Pick something to throw at!

Rat : You must be joking Lanai! Throw what?! Your head? Maybe we should hang around with Gandhi. Well...he is in politics and you know guys there will be many things to do..

Dog : I second that! At least we all are together again. Wah....that must be fun, man! Just imagine the chorus and the melody....nothing beats it my friends!

Gandhi finishes his telephone conversation and walks over to his friends in his living room. Sparsely decorated nothing catching to bemuse the eyes. This is what Gandhi enjoying the most..a simple life.

Gandhi : What you guys were talking about? I saw you people looking serious at some points. What were the subjects about?

Lanai : Well...Gandhi my friend we are talking about joining you in politics. At least this will give us a focus and motivation to do something good. Afterall our daily lives are involved in politics too. So we thought we must as well help you out. So what you think?

Gandhi : I am very happy! I thought I am going out there alone. Now with you guys, my old kaki friends around, it has become much easy for me. Thank you my friends

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

flames of fury 10

Man and man got married though with a twist. Sex operation. In law and religious belief it is unholy union. Why take the plunge? Because of love which is 'blind'? Chung and Beh - a million dollar wedding of a different kind...To me they should do it on the quiet atmosphere. Why generate unwarranted publicity? Ego trip? Look people I married a man with sex change operation one...and the priests who ordained the marriage in front of 800 guests to lend a truth for a lie? Man...something is not right anymore! God ordained a man and a woman nothing in between. The west has gone bongers so the east want to follow..It shouldn't be.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

flames of fury 9

Maybank lied about ATM withdrawal SM Mohamed Idris Nov 14, 05 4:50pm

A premier bank (Maybank) lied and the complainant almost lost his RM500. The bank had informed a Mr Tan (who had complained about the non-dispensation of his RM500 by its ATM ) that according to its records, the money was successfully dispensed. It advised him to refer the matter to the Financial Mediation Bureau if he wanted to pursue the matter further. However the bank’s own video recording showed that the money was not dispensed by the ATM. We believe that this case is only the tip of the iceberg because we at the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) regularly receive complaints about ATMs. Except for the rare occasion, the banks concerned would smugly reply with the same standard letter. The gist of the letter is that their ATMs were functioning perfectly. Below is an extract of the letter that Tan received. “Based on our records and investigation, the transaction was successfully carried out and cash was dispensed accordingly. Our ATM system was operating normally during that period and no irregularities were detected. “Our branch has performed a thorough check on the ATM and confirmed that the cash position is balanced.” Now we know that the reply is not worth the paper that it is written on. In the above case, Tan’s request to view the video recording on the day of the incident (Oct 11, 2005) was turned down. He was told by a bank officer that he could view it only in the presence of a police officer. He made a police report and went back but was still denied a viewing of the recording. About two weeks after he lodged his report, he received the above standard reply from the bank. He then approached CAP and we arranged with the bank to let him view the video recording. After viewing it, the bank agreed to refund Mr Tan his RM500. When we questioned the bank on how the ATM records could have got it so wrong , the answer was that it was a technical matter which needed to be looked into further by the head office. When questioned how the cash in the ATM could be balanced when the RM500 was not dispensed, the answer was that investigations would have to be carried out, again by the head office. This case has wide repercussions for the millions of ATM cardholders in the country. Firstly, how many other complainants have lost their money because the banks denied liability based on their “irrefutable” ATM records? Secondly, the Financial Mediation Bureau has been rejecting claims based on the flawed ATM reports from the banks. We have another complaint against the very same bank regarding the non-dispensation of RM1,500 by its ATM. The complainant lost his case because the mediator based her findings solely on the report from the bank. Thirdly, it is clear that the security measures taken by the banks are clearly inadequate. Either there is something inherently wrong with the ATMs, or the procedures used when balancing the cash in the ATM are seriously flawed. To protect ATM consumers, we therefore urge the Ministry of Finance and Bank Negara Malaysia to implement the following:- • Instruct banks that they can no longer deny liability by stating that the ATM is operating normal and that cash in the ATM balanced. Unless collaborated by other evidence the complainant has to be reimbursed. • Instruct the Financial Mediation Bureau to review all cases involving ATMs where the decisions went against the complainants because they were based solely on reports from the banks. Since the banks’ ATM reports can no longer be relied on, the cases should be ruled in favour of the complainants unless the banks can come up with new evidence • Instruct all banks to put notices near their ATM machines that customers have the right to view the video recording once a complaint is lodged. • Allow the complainant to be present when the cash balancing of the ATM is carried out. • Make it compulsory for close circuit televisions (CCTVs) to be installed wherever there are ATM machines (and cash deposit machines). The CCTVs should be able to record consumers carrying out their transactions (but not their pin numbers).
The writer is the president of the Consumers Association of Penang.

I dont believe in ATM cards. I had heard so many stories about it. The banks are always right not to admit liability. The consumers can't win with its standard reply. In fact the consumers have no chance of winning because they can't view their records maintained in the banks. The banks always find fault with the ATM users. To me I opt for the traditional route. A passbook and a banking slip, now who can dispute that?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

sex education 16


In the recent 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey, Malaysians overwhelmingly picked the toilet as the preferred place for shagging outside a bedroom. In view of this prevalent practice, Dua Sen presents the definitive guide to toilet bonking... Where:Recommended:• Unisex toilets: Beach Club, Passion, Loft, Thai Club, Liquid KL • Spacious toilets: Imbi Food Court, KL, Press Club of KL.• Lonely toilets: Shell Station, Batu 13 Ulu Langat. • Artistic toilets: Pudu Complex (excellent erotic graffiti on doors). Not recommended:• Rajooz Curry House PJ - Stack of dirty dishes inside.• The Mall KL - The doors are about 3 or 4 feet high.• Boutique Toilet KLCC - Will people who won't pay for a room pay RM 4 for a toilet?• LRT Stations - Gadget mounted to prevent squatting over bowl hinders smooth sex.• Zouk KL - Bouncers get upset. • Toilets for the handicapped - Peter Tan gets really upset. Precautions: • Due to the foul smell in most of our public toilets, it is advisable to SKIP foreplay.• Bring along an aerosol can of air freshener and flush BEFORE sex. • KEEP handbag safely around neck as snatch thieves strike from adjacent cubicles. • Most of the cheap porcelain break easily, so go EASY on the acrobatics.• Some toilets/cubicles come with built-in urinals. They usually stink. DO NOT push your partner's head in that direction. Positions: While most (understandably) prefer an oral quickie, many copulating positions are possible depending on your dexterity and state of desperation...

Kitty Style

Bhangra Style

Lazy Style

Handbag About To Be Stolen StylePolitically-correct androgynous mannequin illustrations by Johnny Ong.© 2005 TV SMITH Link to this article: See also: SEX PLEASE, WE'RE MALAYSIANS PEEPING TANS

Saturday, November 12, 2005

property 6

Real estate agents, developers hypocritical Charles Hector Nov 11, 05 4:19pm

The Real Estate and Housing Developers Association Malaysia (Rehda) is an association of developers and real estate agents, one for their own good and profit. They have been on a campaign to distract the ordinary consumer from the truth of their ever-increasing oppressive charges and commissions to the ‘poor’ lawyer whose fees have stayed unreasonably low at a rate of 1% or less of the purchase price. The developer’s profits have been increasing. The developer even makes the purchaser pay for the developer’s lawyer. The developer does not pay legal fees and/or disbursement charges to their own lawyers in a Sale and Purchase agreement. The developer and his lawyers deceive many a purchaser into believing that the developer’s own panel lawyer is in fact the purchaser’s own lawyer. In reality, the purchaser is many a time not at all represented by an independent lawyer. The real estate agents, the other group of persons in Rehda, increased their fees from 2% of the purchase price to 3% some years back, and then brought it down to 2.75% of the purchase price. Comparatively, a lawyer’s legal fees is 1% for the first RM100,000 and 0.5% thereafter. In most cases, the developer does not pay the legal fees of his own lawyer but makes the purchaser pay the fees. What is most disturbing is the fact that the purchaser is hoodwinked into believing that he is paying the fees of his own lawyer, who is protecting his interest in the Sales and Purchase agreement. In fact the lawyer on the developer’s panel of lawyers even sends the bill directly to the “client” purchaser, who then pays directly to the said lawyer. This further propagates the belief that this is indeed the purchaser’s lawyer, acting in the best interest of the purchaser but this is not true. The developer selectively picks and chooses lawyers for his panel of lawyers. A lawyer in the developer’s panel of lawyers cannot mean anything but being the developer’s lawyer. Many a developer disallows or discourages the purchaser from choosing and appointing their own lawyer from the over 12,000 lawyers in Malaysia. And if the purchaser still insists on getting his own lawyer – then the purchaser is expected to pay the fees of both the developer’s lawyer and the purchaser’s own lawyer. Many of the purchasers are just conned into believing that the lawyer from the developer’s panel of lawyer is their own lawyer. Whose interest do you think these lawyers will protect – the purchaser’s or the developer’s? After all the purchaser is a one-off client and the developer is a potential long-term client and the source of much work now and in the furture. Hence, reasonably, the lawyers from the developer’s panel of lawyers cannot be independent of the developer and therefore, can never be said to be concerned about protecting the best interest of the purchaser. Why indeed should the purchaser pays the fees of the developer’s lawyer? Why also should the borrower pay the fees of the financier’s lawyer? After all, the developer profits greatly from the increasing purchase prices of houses and buildings. It would be so easy for the developer to pay his own lawyer’s fees. But then Rehda is not interested in helping the consumer this way. The agenda seem to be focus the attention on non-issues like lawyer’s fees and the “no discount rule” so the public will not look at hanky panky of the developers, the inflated prices of houses and poor standards of buildings. Many may believe that this is all ‘propaganda’ by the lawyers but the truth begins to be revealed to the purchaser when it comes to the enforcement of his right in a Sale and Purchase Agreement. For example, if the property is not delivered by the time stipulated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement, the purchaser is entitled to claim for late delivery charges. But when your go back to “your” lawyer, who was a lawyer on the developer’s panel, to help you get your entitled late delivery charges, you will find that the lawyer is not to keen about pursuing your right. The lawyer may even propose that it best that the purchaser take just a certain percentage of the sum claimable as per the agreement. Some of these lawyers even go on to say that the authorities have granted an extension to the developer to finish the project, and thus there can be no claim during these extension periods and that one can only claim late delivery charges for the period after the end of this ‘extension period’. This is a lie – a purchaser is entitled to claim late delivery charges for the period beginning from the date the property was to be completed and delivered as stated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. The fact that the developers license or permit is extended will not alter the fact that late delivery charges are claimable from the date as stipulated in the agreement. A wise purchaser will see the truth then and know that “their” lawyer was really not their lawyer at all, and most definitely never had any intention of looking after the best interest of the purchaser then or later. The statutory provided standard form for Sale and Purchase Agreements of residential units purchased from a developer do not have the necessary recital stating very clearly whether the purchaser is represented or not, and if represented, by whom? Parliament must look into including this recital to ensure that the poor consumer is less likely to be deceived. There is no statutorily provided standard Sale and Purchase Agreement form when it comes to shophouses, commercial property and for individual sale and purchase agreements (sub-sales). Here it is most important for parties to be represented by their own independent lawyers, who would protect their interest, because it very important to ensure that clauses that best protect their individual interest are inserted into the final agreements. Lawyers generally spend much time exchanging drafts to ensure that their client’s interests are protected. But if they are still going to be paid less than 1% of the purchase price, a most unreasonable and low rate, how much effort can you expect from your lawyer? But alas, efforts to increase legal fees have received protests from many a lawyer and one wonders why ... Rehda should look at itself, consider their charges and fees that they are levying on the Malaysian consumer, and do the necessary to ensure that the best interest of the consumer is protected. They should stop their sad attempts to distract the consumer by pointing fingers at the lawyer, who fees are at present extremely low and have not seen any upward movement for far too long.

Friday, November 11, 2005

flames of fury 8

Merit has no relevance in local varsities Prof P Ramasamy Nov 11, 05 4:49pm

All the public universities in the country are in a terrible state of affairs. The low academic quality leading to a worsening crises is a result of a variety of factors. First, the open and institutionalised discrimination of non-bumiputeras in academic and administrative appointments has meant that only bumis - particularly those loyal to Umno - are considered for these positions. The vicious discrimination of non-bumis citizens on the grounds of their ethnicity and religion has made mockery of Malaysia as a democratic country. Past experiences reveal that sometimes, as in the case of UKM, even non-citizens holding academic positions are appointed as administrators. Non-bumis are completely by-passed in the administrative appointments. Given this open discrimination, merit has no relevance in the public universities. Second, vice-chancellors in the public universities are all ‘yes-men’ to those in Umno and the Ministry of Education. They simply lack the academic and professional credentials to steer the universities in a healthy direction. They have been appointed to their present positions simply because of their connections to those in power, the UKM vice-chancellor being a case in point. Third, the public universities are merely pathetic appendages of the government; they do not have the requisite autonomy to function in a free and healthy environment. Since there is complete lack of autonomy, the activities of students and lecturers are very much regulated and controlled. Those who are critically-minded face the prospect of punitive actions. Lecturers who are vocal face the prospect of removal or non-renewal of contracts. Fourth, academic promotions are determined by criteria other than merit. Ethnicity, religion and loyalty to the government determines academic promotions. Non-bumis by definition are considered problematic in terms of academic promotions or administrative appointments. So how can one expect our public universities to attain academic and professional standards when there is such a blatant discrimination? How can a country that labels itself an aspiring democracy condone and justify such a nefarious practice of excluding a segment of its population from participating effectively in public universities? It is such a shame. Millions of taxpayers’ money is spent on building universities and paying lecturers. The money comes from all, but the beneficiaries belong to one particular ethnic group. Unless and until the racial apartheid is dismantled in the Malaysian education system in general and in public universities in particular, it makes no sense to talk of the quality of the public universities.
The writer, formerly of UKM, is now Visiting Professor at University of Kassel, Germany.

When you dont admit your mistakes, you never learn. When you never learn, you never know. When you never know, you are stuck of where you are! The promoting of one race and forgetting the other race groups will in the end spell the decaying of the society and the country. The country progress is not measured by one race alone; it is made up of the other races who contribute the progress of the country and society. Every effort must be governed by fairness to every race. You can't say you are in majority in a race, you can do what you want. History has recorded what had happened. Examples are Germany and Rome or Majapahit Empire...all about one race mentality and eventually the empire collapse and people disappeared or merged with other races. Yet humans always craze of power which will destroy themselves in the end

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

gandhi and friends 3

Lanai, Rat, Dog, Bull and Bird went to Gandhi’s house on the Festival of Light in Rat’s car all the way from Klang to Shah Alam.

Gandhi: Welcome to my home friends! It is a long time we haven’t met in our usual warong under the flame of the forest tree.
Lanai: Happy Deepavali Gandhi! The gang is all here.

Rat, Bull, Dog and Bird Yo Gandhi Happy Deepavali man!

Rat: Gandhi…..
Gandhi: Yes?
Rat: You grow thinner now. What happen? Sick or what?
Gandhi: Fasting. It is good for the body. You should try it Rat. Come just feel at home and don’t worry about me. By now you guys should know what I am up to. Please
Lanai: I heard you are going full time in politics. What about your law degree? Be careful my friend. The SB always never gives face. I know these officers will inflict backhand techniques where the injuries can’t be seen.
Bird: I heard they are mean to. Like those yin and yang techniques or the good guys and the bad guys. What in it for you, Gandhi?
Gandhi: To make a change. Stay focus on what one must do. It is no use sitting and talking about it. Without input nothing will change. The country is moving forward. This is a reality, my friends. You can’t stop change, can you? Vision 2020 can only be achieved when every one participates. Back biting is a waste of time. You should take the positive values and surge forward.
Dog: I want my plate of food. This is my life. So I don’t care what the politicians say and do. When I have my daily food and living happy here I don’t think I need to worry. Gandhi life has so many things to worry about. So just play along
Lanai: You miss the point Dog Even if you play dead, changes will come. It is people like you that derail the objectives what the country needs to do. True I agree one should evaluate what the politicians say. Everything said is not what it seems. It is always changing. The Head says something the tail goes and does something else. But it is the right to participate it and bring changes where it is necessary
Bull: Don’t talk about politics. Let’s get something to eat.
Rat: You always want to eat only. Nothing is in your head.
Gandhi: Come let’s eat!

Monday, November 07, 2005

flames of fury 7

Courts Mammoth way to mammoth debt SM Mohamed Idris Nov 7, 05 4:21pm

We call upon the government to stop the latest scheme by a company (Courts Mammoth) to increase its sales because it will only encourage consumers to get deeper into debt. This company has advertised that it can pre-approve purchases of up to eight times the consumer’s salary. No minimum income is required and approval is instant and hassle free. Consumers can also choose to pay for their purchases in weekly or monthly instalments for up to four years. It is very irresponsible of the company to give such a large sum of credit to consumers. Even banks do not give a credit limit of eight times the salary of credit cardholders. Consumers sign up because they find the instalments affordable. They are not aware of the high interest rates charged by the company. At 1.98% per month the interest charged is almost 24 % per annum. There is also the compulsory documentation fee of RM99. Furthermore since payments are made by instalments, many consumers wrongly believe that they have signed hire-purchase contracts, which come under the Hire-Purchase Act 1967 However their contracts are easy- payment contracts, the terms and conditions of which are dictated by the company as there are no specific laws on easy-payments. Consumers should not be celebrating their forthcoming festivities burdened by unnecessary debt. Being caught in the debt trap is the root of many social problems. The person with unmanageable debt will suffer great stress and fear wondering how to ward off his creditor and to hold on to the goods purchased. The debt trap also leads to the breakdown in family relationships. The government should act to prevent more consumers from falling into the trap laid by the company. The writer is the president of the Consumers Association of Penang.

It is greed that made one bought goods on credit. When the terms are easy and payment are little per week many always think it is easy to acquire a semblance of materialistic status. Worry about payment later. Now it is to show a semblance of 'richness' in the eyes of the neighbours. It is a trap as with other forms of credit purchases. The debt trap will increase when everyone wants to pursue materialistic wants in excess of his/her needs. The interest payment per year is high (24%) yet many folks dont see it that way. What they see are the good in the houses and they could enjoy it. This feel good feeling keeps them smiling on the short term. The long term is repayment period. When one is down the road of hunger or worry about the next meal then one recognizes the folly of acquiring goods beyond one requirements. So live within the means. Dont live on credit as far as possible!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

birds flu 3

So the cycle begins. The birds flu has reached to major cities. Yet the world at large try to think what can be done. The official response - there is no out right antidote. It is let the body immune system takes its fight. The scary thought dont let it infected humans to humans. Then millions will die. Thailand and Indonesia had cofirmed more deaths of birds flu. China too has confirmed it and so is Japan which has reported that the country will cull more than 100,000 birds inflicted with the virus. In Canada it has confirmed that the virus had spread there. And so the nightmare begins to spread. The winter season will play a nighmarish role for the migrating birds seeking warm weather in the border countries. In Bidor so many pigeons dropped dead on the side roads....there is no official confirmation as yet ( Official response it was poison)

Too many people on planet Earth. Time to decrease the population. Something is brewing on earth. And it is so hard to understand! When you try to see, it is all darkness.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

birds flu H5N1 2

Flu pandemic: Back-to-basics is best option Dr Musa Mohd Nordin Nov 2, 05 3:15pm

Influenza or the flu is often erroneously equated with the common cold. Hence the myth that it is a relatively mild illness which would improve rapidly over 2-3 days. Lots of rest, fluids; vitamin C and aspirin is all that is required. On the contrary, they are strikingly different pathologies. Influenza is often associated with high grade fever lasting 3-4 days; severe muscle aches, chest discomfort; early and severe physical weakness and generalised fatigue which could last up to three weeks. Thirty-one pandemics have been documented, four in the last century. The 1918 Spanish flu killed 20 million people. The epidemic waves of Type A flu comes every 1-3 years whilst Type B flu strikes every 3-4 years. This is due to the to emergence of new influenza virus strains causing high rates of morbidity and mortality, affecting all ages and inflicting high costs to society. Quite evidently, the pandemic clock is ticking; we just do not know what time it is! The Avian flu is caused by Type A influenza virus that typically infect birds. The virus is genetically distinguishable from human flu. The global concern on the Avian flu is due to the following worrisome trends: - The number of affected countries with avian flu is increasing; - The number of avian and human cases are increasing; - The majority of human population have no immunity; - The high case fatality rate. Human flu viruses are circulating in Asian countries and incubating elsewhere. Across Asia, increased episodes of transmission of avian flu virus strains to humans has illustrated the remarkable ability of the virus to jump the species barrier. Hence the widespread efforts to stop transmission of avian flu to humans from poultry through the elimination of animal reservoirs of H5N1. The emergence of the “pandemic virus” is postulated to result from a genetic re-assortment of human and avian viruses within the human anatomy which acts as a “mixing vessel”. This new virus strain would be highly pathogenic with an extreme avidity for humans. And since humans have no immunity, a pandemic is the nightmarish scenario. A strategy to bar the meeting of the viruses in the human body would go a long way towards preventing the emergence of the deadly new virus. It would reduce the opportunities for simultaneous infection of humans with the avian and human flu viruses. Decreasing this dual infection would reduce opportunities for re-assortment and the eventual emergence of a novel and pandemic virus. This, I believe, can be achieved with higher immunisation rates with the influenza vaccine. Higher uptake of the influenza shots would decrease the risk for genetic re-assortment in humans by preventing human flu virus infections. The influenza preparedness strategy should, among others, actively sensitise the population on the importance of influenza immunisation. Mandatory influenza vaccination of all persons likely to be in contact with poultry; cullers and those living and working on poultry farms should be in place. And all health professionals and first-line essential and emergency servicemen (eg, military, firemen, disaster and relief workers, policemen, etc) should be immunised. The experience with the Sars epidemic should be a painful lesson in this respect. This investment in the expanded use of influenza vaccines would prove to be a cost-saving policy. It would undoubtedly decrease the health burden of annual flu epidemics and prevent influenza morbidities and mortalities. Too much attention has been focused on curative strategies namely the anti-viral, Tamiflu. Nations are rushing to stockpile this drug in preparation for the pandemic. My back-to-basics virology and vaccinology would suggest that during this inter-pandemic period, influenza immunisation would be the best option for protection against influenza and would help to mitigate the emergence of a pandemic virus. A protective “pandemic vaccine” would benchmark our pandemic preparedness but would probably not be available for the first pandemic wave. And even if available there would be insufficient stocks for universal usage due to limited manufacturing capacity – let alone to stockpile.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gandhi and friends 2

Lanai Yo Gandhi! Where have you been, man? I don’t see you around in our cafĂ© in the old town anymore. You seem to disappear. So what’s new my friend?

Gandhi Busy with the ills of society. You never understand even if I try to explain to you. The world is changing so fast that I couldn’t catch up with it. The days in the old town are good Lanai but events have taken over my interests in life. I want to say something in society

Lanai Gandhi what’s the difference? Even while we squat in the old town, we talked of many things and events too. It is not only about politics but it is also involved economics, the poor and relationships. The gang here misses you Gandhi. They need your input of about so many things. So can we come over to your place? You know it is the festival of light…

Gandhi Oh…I have forgotten my manners. Well…Lanai you are welcome to my house and call all the gang to come to. I prepare some food and drinks and we can talk like old times. By the way Lanai, have you heard about Lover guy?

Lanai That rascal! He has no balls though he is our gang. He swindles and sweet talk to women and takes them for rides. In front of us he says he prays so many times. But what he did in our back it is advice throwing to the sea. He is in Johore recuperating from an illness. I heard he is in hospital. Some of us want to go visiting him after the holidays.

Gandhi sound surprise Are you sure Lanai? The last letter I got from him he said he is enjoying life in Johore. It was about 3 months ago. Now I don’t hear from him. So I am rather surprise that he is sick.

Lanai Every mistake has a surprise Gandhi. If you want to enjoy life fooling around with women there is bound to get inflicted with a disease. You know him. He likes to brag about his exploits and feeling proud of it too. He is like a bee floating to a honey. Every sweet thing he wants to taste. He wants it to savor the sweetness of his conquest. Yet he never listens to us even though we had advice him so many times. Now I know he’s very sick. I don’t want to think what get to him…

Gandhi True, Lanai. I can’t teach the world. It is older than me. One has to know one’s limit and enjoy the positive values enrich in our lives. So I see you at my house?

Lanai Right Gandhi and I called the gang too. We talk again Be seeing you and Happy Deepavali!