Saturday, November 19, 2005

property 7

It has been said house buyer should engage his own lawyer. But in reality it hasnt been done. Look the housing developer will give the buyer a list of lawyers to choose. The officials say this is the recommended list which the housing developer will deal - meaning they can talk terms easy - no hassle when come to dispute. In reality these appointed lawyers on the list will fight for the housing developer than the house buyer. I think it is true when one reaches the dead end of a road. Even when I buy houses in the market this is what happening. I dont see the lawyer neither I am told this is my housing lawyer. This is for my second house. In the S & P it was signed by a lawyer without attaching himself working for the same firm representing the housing developer. Only later I found out he is one of the firm partners. The third one I bought gave me a list of lawyers to choose. The rationale was the easy way to handle complaints or what. In fact the 3rd house lawyer was recommended by the sales official. So I let it be. Because in reality the house buyers have no choice though it is said the house buyer has a choice to pick. It is always the political talk by the ruling government. The real implementation is still weak.

The government says the housing developers can not collect booking fees which are illegal. When you go to book a house, you have to pay a booking fee. It can be forfeited if you can't raise the 10% down payment in the end. Do the government officials read the newspapers and advertisements? I can safely bet these officers waste time on tea breaks or pretend to be busy with their work but not the real kind of work.

The concept of complete the houses than sell has been dragging on. The government should just pass the laws to benefit the rakyat. No...there will be discussions and more discussions and finally died off in the dustbin. It is only for history buff to record what is happening

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