Thursday, November 17, 2005

gandhi and friends 4

The telephone rings and Gandhi gets up to answer the call. While he is away, his friends begin to whisper something else

Lanai : At one time Gandhi is involved in law and earning a decent living. Now he spends so much time on politics. So guys he has, I am afraid, a focus in his life. This is what he wanted to do.

Dog : True Lani. But we are the ones struggling to find our roads. Somehow we have lost our direction in our lives. Look at us. We are just struggling to live day by day. Maybe this time we should hit the road with what we want to do. So much time lepaking around until we are all become lazy!

Rat : Shit! Sorry I spill my coffee. It has to do with motivation. What we want to do? One has interest to fight for the poor and under privileged. Yet we are still thinking about it

Lanai : Pick something to throw at!

Rat : You must be joking Lanai! Throw what?! Your head? Maybe we should hang around with Gandhi. Well...he is in politics and you know guys there will be many things to do..

Dog : I second that! At least we all are together again. Wah....that must be fun, man! Just imagine the chorus and the melody....nothing beats it my friends!

Gandhi finishes his telephone conversation and walks over to his friends in his living room. Sparsely decorated nothing catching to bemuse the eyes. This is what Gandhi enjoying the most..a simple life.

Gandhi : What you guys were talking about? I saw you people looking serious at some points. What were the subjects about?

Lanai : Well...Gandhi my friend we are talking about joining you in politics. At least this will give us a focus and motivation to do something good. Afterall our daily lives are involved in politics too. So we thought we must as well help you out. So what you think?

Gandhi : I am very happy! I thought I am going out there alone. Now with you guys, my old kaki friends around, it has become much easy for me. Thank you my friends

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