Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gandhi and friends 2

Lanai Yo Gandhi! Where have you been, man? I don’t see you around in our café in the old town anymore. You seem to disappear. So what’s new my friend?

Gandhi Busy with the ills of society. You never understand even if I try to explain to you. The world is changing so fast that I couldn’t catch up with it. The days in the old town are good Lanai but events have taken over my interests in life. I want to say something in society

Lanai Gandhi what’s the difference? Even while we squat in the old town, we talked of many things and events too. It is not only about politics but it is also involved economics, the poor and relationships. The gang here misses you Gandhi. They need your input of about so many things. So can we come over to your place? You know it is the festival of light…

Gandhi Oh…I have forgotten my manners. Well…Lanai you are welcome to my house and call all the gang to come to. I prepare some food and drinks and we can talk like old times. By the way Lanai, have you heard about Lover guy?

Lanai That rascal! He has no balls though he is our gang. He swindles and sweet talk to women and takes them for rides. In front of us he says he prays so many times. But what he did in our back it is advice throwing to the sea. He is in Johore recuperating from an illness. I heard he is in hospital. Some of us want to go visiting him after the holidays.

Gandhi sound surprise Are you sure Lanai? The last letter I got from him he said he is enjoying life in Johore. It was about 3 months ago. Now I don’t hear from him. So I am rather surprise that he is sick.

Lanai Every mistake has a surprise Gandhi. If you want to enjoy life fooling around with women there is bound to get inflicted with a disease. You know him. He likes to brag about his exploits and feeling proud of it too. He is like a bee floating to a honey. Every sweet thing he wants to taste. He wants it to savor the sweetness of his conquest. Yet he never listens to us even though we had advice him so many times. Now I know he’s very sick. I don’t want to think what get to him…

Gandhi True, Lanai. I can’t teach the world. It is older than me. One has to know one’s limit and enjoy the positive values enrich in our lives. So I see you at my house?

Lanai Right Gandhi and I called the gang too. We talk again Be seeing you and Happy Deepavali!

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