Sunday, November 20, 2005

transsexualism 1

The headlines "Jessie Chung and Joshua Beh" a million ringgit marriage on the front page of a leading english newspaper. It could be another loving couple's marriage but this one came with a twist. Men got married- one went for sex change operation and the other as a man. It got people talking about transsexualism again. In this country it is difficult to live in such limbo. There are many obstacles for these transsexuals to earn a living. Yet they survive in whatever forms they find to elk a living. Society may shun or negate them. These people should stay together and earn a worthwhile living. They are so many ways to find work but these people opt for the easy way out. Prostitution. When I was living in the city, my kampong then wasnt that really far though it was in Selangor, I used to be friendly with a few of them then. I didnt find them anything out of ordinary. As long as they behave themselves I am sure society in general will accept them. It is the different attitude, mostly towards themselves, that made them the target of police. As I said they go for the easy jobs always giving the excuse no one is willing to help them. So the trade of the night..I can feel their stigma attached to them physically. Some are very beautiful and kind and others are the worst in presenting themselves. I don't know why they always want to "up" with the women. I had watched "Paper Dolls" presentations. The guys were really outstanding as females in that show. In one look one couldnt differentiate these "females" were guys!

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