Wednesday, November 09, 2005

gandhi and friends 3

Lanai, Rat, Dog, Bull and Bird went to Gandhi’s house on the Festival of Light in Rat’s car all the way from Klang to Shah Alam.

Gandhi: Welcome to my home friends! It is a long time we haven’t met in our usual warong under the flame of the forest tree.
Lanai: Happy Deepavali Gandhi! The gang is all here.

Rat, Bull, Dog and Bird Yo Gandhi Happy Deepavali man!

Rat: Gandhi…..
Gandhi: Yes?
Rat: You grow thinner now. What happen? Sick or what?
Gandhi: Fasting. It is good for the body. You should try it Rat. Come just feel at home and don’t worry about me. By now you guys should know what I am up to. Please
Lanai: I heard you are going full time in politics. What about your law degree? Be careful my friend. The SB always never gives face. I know these officers will inflict backhand techniques where the injuries can’t be seen.
Bird: I heard they are mean to. Like those yin and yang techniques or the good guys and the bad guys. What in it for you, Gandhi?
Gandhi: To make a change. Stay focus on what one must do. It is no use sitting and talking about it. Without input nothing will change. The country is moving forward. This is a reality, my friends. You can’t stop change, can you? Vision 2020 can only be achieved when every one participates. Back biting is a waste of time. You should take the positive values and surge forward.
Dog: I want my plate of food. This is my life. So I don’t care what the politicians say and do. When I have my daily food and living happy here I don’t think I need to worry. Gandhi life has so many things to worry about. So just play along
Lanai: You miss the point Dog Even if you play dead, changes will come. It is people like you that derail the objectives what the country needs to do. True I agree one should evaluate what the politicians say. Everything said is not what it seems. It is always changing. The Head says something the tail goes and does something else. But it is the right to participate it and bring changes where it is necessary
Bull: Don’t talk about politics. Let’s get something to eat.
Rat: You always want to eat only. Nothing is in your head.
Gandhi: Come let’s eat!

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