Sunday, March 31, 2019

one night stand

One- night stand
The memory stays
The secret affairs
Nobody needs to share

Once the babies are born
The signs of physical differences
Only then the nightmare will be known
The women will have a tough time to explain

No man worth his manhood
Will simply accept the child as his
When in his eyes he sees the physical differences
He will not accept it as face value

One-night stand
The stories flow like gossips
The subtle messages will be passed
Spread the news shame the act

Though many will not bother it
It is their lives to engage in secret
It is when babies are born
The truth will finally hit home

is PKR going to land or not?

PKR in orbit
Floating away in internal gossips
The Captain has to find his bearing quick
For the landing will be hard

The party leaders can’t see
The internal disagreement in the air
They will push and drive in
As a whole PKR in orbit

The leaders think this is democracy
Allowing members to speak in public
Showing their dissatisfaction in policies
There must be certain rules to match it

Now the ground folks will look up
Is PKR going to land or not?
The leaders haven’t decided positively
The internal strife still air in public

the iron butterfly

The Iron Butterfly
She flies afraid to land on the grass
Of the predators coming out
She can sing with the wind

When the going gets tough
She finds she has to get out
What make her changes her mind?
Of promises never get to fly?

In politics there is no personal preferences
It has to put aside for the overall objectives
Until the results have been obtained
Only then one can discuss about it

The Iron Butterfly
Spread her wings she finds she can’t fly
She is routed to her personal objectives
She finds it hard to stay united

Learn from the 3 Musketeers
“One for all; all for one”
A leader must know how to blend in
In politics one has to mix it

the trial of MO1

The trial of MO1
It finally comes to court
By next week Wednesday
He has to face his demons

The excuses coughed up
It finally settled in Federal Court
The judges overturned COA decision
MO1 finally can’t say on his terms

This is the SRC corruption case
It involves $42 million charge sheet
It is best he pleads guilty
He doesn’t need to hear his misdeeds

In his bank account the millions gone
What can he say using the money?
Though he pleads he isn’t guilty
He says he is innocent

Let us hear his case
Once the mighty fell from grace
There are still many on the way
It is best he pleads guilty

Saturday, March 30, 2019

too many graduates

Too many graduates
Not many job opportunities

Too many grumbling
They better stop and think

Too many want to think big
They forget to think small to live

The economy in slow curves
Set up stalls to live through

Thinking big will not help you
When you don’t have the experience

Too many graduates
Better think of grab a taxi

You may pick up opportunities
Talking to the passengers

Too many graduates
Time to think small start to make a living

the economy on slow drives

The economy on slow drives
Along the maze of cobwebs
Spreading in our minds of lights
The way forward is to be practical

The yearly graduates will find it hard
On the job market to earn decent living and wages
As companies aren’t hiring or downsize the workforce
The dirty jobs the locals shy away from taking it up

IT seems to be on the uptrend
Those who have IT skills will be easily employed
The information highway will be the in-thing
In the markets of e-commerce and virtual banking

Our graduates mustn’t learn one language skill
It will make them difficult to land jobs
Master English and Mandarin will stand them ahead
We are living and earning in the borderless world

In time robotics will hit the scene
This will be the problem many will face
The robots will take over the human jobs
Too many universities too many graduates

But the job opportunities are limited
The economy on slow drives to hit the scene
The world economy facing the slow growth
So, the graduates must change their outlook

don't simply use OSA

Don’t simply use OSA
When the house is in disarray
Let the people know how it is
Why the nation hits the blues?

As long as it never violates natural security
Any report should be opened for public scrutiny
Let the public read and give feedback
They are the ones going to carry the burden

Pakatan Harapan government shouldn’t hide
Don’t use the old trick of Bee Anne to ride
The leaders should have known once in the opposition
Now they should walk the talk on CEP

The people want to know
How bad the situation for us?
PH leaders mustn’t hide it
Don’t simply use OSA

the darkness falls

When the darkness falls
The dark forces will appear
They will want to take our souls
Away to aid their causes

We can walk innocently
In the dark dim light in happy way
We will not realize the dark forces
They will appear suddenly

By the time it hits us
We will bundle into a van
Blinded folded and disappear
In a land nobody cares to show

We will be in statistics
On the board of the police
These are the missing persons
The cold ones after 3 days

The public will not hear
They will carry on with their lives
The dark forces will smile
They will come another time

Friday, March 29, 2019

when you did wrong, hippo joe

The Hippo Joe
Nothing is fair
When you did wrong
It has to be paid

The billions siphoned away
Leaving the ordinary folks carrying the blame
They have to work harder to pay for the losses
You and your gang committed showing no repentance

You have to return
Fight it out like a true cowboy
Draw your gun when you are challenged
To say you haven’t committed any crimes

But you are hiding
Many believe in China
Where you can blend it easily
You helped the Red Dragon in economics

You still shout through your PR agents
You dare not even show your face
You claim you are innocent
Be a man fight it out in court

nature has shown her anger

Nature has shown her anger
The dry weather on many areas
The hot spells drying up the water dams
There is no reason to procrastinate

Nature has shown her anger
The floods will rise water the low laying areas
Even the sudden rain will cause flash floods
The people have to learn by now

Nature has shown her anger
The ozone layers punch a bigger hole
The bright rays will penetrate our skins
We shouldn’t stay mute and forget

Nature has shown her anger
The illegal logging on catchment areas
The sleeping giant never opens his eyes
He thinks he is in paradise

When our water dams are evaporated
Whom will we blame for our predicament?
It is our politicians who talk and no action
And the government forgets to walk the backyards

Nature has shown her anger
We have to blame ourselves
We put in people to manage
They play the hide and seek game

the no smoking rules

The No smoking rules
It has to stay for health reasons
There shouldn’t be a U-turn
Let the smokers realize for their own good

Don’t worry about losing votes
The majority of non-smokers will support
Let the smokers learn to kick their habit
It brings no benefits to them or families or public

Let no political leaders try to catch in
Even giving to designated areas shouldn’t be allowed
The secondary smoke will get into the air
It will smog the lives of the passive smokers

Let the penalty kick in July
Let the smokers feel the heat
Send them to jail and fine $10K
The smokers will learn the hard lesson

In time smoking should be banned totally
No more manufactured or imported items
The medical bills can’t cover by taxes on it
It is best to let the rules stay and no U-turn

you can't live on principles alone

The praises of principles
In the ideal world it works
There will be no intolerance
Everyone will accept

In the real world
You can’t live on principles alone
You will be criticised in uncertain terms
You aren’t the perfect one to tell

The world we live in
It surrounds by politicians
The good, the bad and the ugly
We have to vote the ones we feel like

The politicians can’t talk of principles
In the political game it is to win
By all the methods on availability
Even principles have to bend the way

Otherwise nothing will be achieved
It is always the talking and meeting
Nothing fruitful will return
If one stays on principles forgetting the bigger picture

In the real world of politics
Our principles will play within the game
It will be hard but as politicians
The sacrifices need to be displayed

the changes will knock the doors

Why put blame on the Old Man?
He has the knowledge and experience
He was there and he is back again
Why blame him for it?

Everyone wants to survive
This is the basic instinct
Don’t tell me we don’t want to live forever?
We do until God changed HIS way

So likely is the Old Man
He wants to boost his party Bersatu
He will try to catch the Ronin to join him
Boost his credibility though many will disagree

The changes need time
The laws need to be amended or throw away
It has to go through the process
It can’t be happening like running a 100 meters race

Those who rush in like fools
They will feel the foolishness
When they reach there, there is nothing
To start to hallucinate and cursing

The changes need time
Maybe on the 3rd year
There will be the recognition
Of the reforms needed by the nation

Thursday, March 28, 2019

don't cry like a baby

Don’t cry like a baby
When the milk isn’t on its way
You have to find your own
Work on it satisfy your needs

Don’t through the short cut
You may think you have it
You will not survive in rough roads
You will tumble get hurt

Nothing comes on a silver platter
Somebody will work hard and pay
Rick kids may think they have benefits
But the parents who sweat and earned

Don’t cry like a baby
Build up your confidence
Plot your marketability
Run your errands learn the trade

There is always a way
Working smart to beat the traffic
It isn’t through short cut
It’s through your skills and knowledge

the shadows of werewolves

The shadows of werewolves
Once they could walk at will
Nobody dared to stop their handiworks
They could take what they wanted
They were in control
They protected their own kind
Milking the resources dry
Until a wind of change came
Blowing into a storm in the minds
The people wanted the change
So, it was so it is today

But the shadow of werewolves
They can’t go quietly and stay behind
They had tasted power and wealth
They still hunger for it
So, they make the shadow moves
Trying to burn the bridges to divide
Throw in the fear mongering
Let the majority feel afraid
Twisted facts to serve their own agendas

The shadow of werewolves
They preached the wrong kind
Many of a race have fallen into the trap
Without knowing the full facts
Nobody is above the law
Even the rulers will face the Constitutional Law
Let us belong to the world of law and commerce
Yet we still can maintain our law and Constitution
Don’t let the werewolves spin their bad tales

In the forefront the Hope leaders gathered
They have to fight to get rid of the werewolves
Else these bad animals will destroy the good work
The nation needs the progress to make her mark
And she needs all hands-on deck and stir the economy

the leaders of Hope

The leaders of Hope
They have to step forward
Take the reign ride the horses
Push the boundaries to advance

The leaders of Hope
Don’t use race and religion
It shouldn’t be allowed
In this country of many colours

They have to speak in one voice
Work on it as Malaysians
It shouldn’t define use in a race
It shouldn’t group in religions

The way ahead of Hope
Lies into the institution reforms
Break away from the bad drum beats
Craft a new module and melody

The leaders of Hope
Some aren’t fulfilling it
Some are back in religion and race
Time to rethink and carve a better way!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

say the truth

Say the truth
Say it free
There will be no shame
It is the right way to do

Say the story
Tell it like it is
No need to paint imagination
It’s the truth set it free

Don’t believe too much
The way the politicians say
It is what party these politicians belong
There we will find the truth

Say the story
Tell it like it is
There will be no shame
It is the right way to do

it is a slow progress

It is a slow progress
The head wind keeps blowing hot and dry
The opponents keep waving their words
They don’t show what need to be done

The opponents got their shares
Decades ago they ruled the nation
Until a bad leader came and they fell
Into the deep hollow to cry for help

The new dawn has arrived
The rays of hope shining bright
Yet some within PH keep intriguing
The open criticisms and back-pedaling

It can’t be perfect
The changes will take time
The events of changes are moving
The buds are blooming

Patience is the key
The politicians must learn it
The people must have it in the heads
There is no quick fix episode

in the forest

In the forest
The darkness dwells
With limited lights
The quiet sound

Put up a camp
Living outdoor with nature
Beware of the crawlers
They will come alive

You can play intimacy
Far away from the preying eyes
In the forest surrounding
You better watch your moves

The band of bad angels
They may want to take control
In the forest where they dwell
They are the lords; others have to obey

We hear of stories
Of spirits lure away lives
They walk deeper into the forest
They forget where they are

In the forest
Of darkness dwells
Don’t call my name
Don’t call your friends’ names too

the iron butterfly 4

The Iron Butterfly
She can’t take the loads
She wants to be free
Within her 4 walls
She feels she can stay

The principles she cries
In a political game, principles need to compromise
It isn’t always the straight road
If she can’t understand she has to fly
Back in her cocoon self and lick her wounds

The 4Ds to the jackpot
She has to master it to stay relevant
No doubt principles will be a guiding force
But within a game of politics
She has to play her game of rights

Throwing in the towel
It will show her weakness
Though she hardly says it openly
She feels she can’t play the game
Out she goes flying away

The Iron Butterfly
Out of range out of sight
The new breed will come on board
The wayward will be left far behind
In politics is an art to paint on the canvass