Thursday, November 30, 2023

the grey frogs wake up


The rain from the sky

Dropping down to cry

Leaving long traces of tears

Learning the fools don't try

They are happy following behind

Live in the cocoon shelves to blind

Thinking they have good job try

Forget about nation but their own kind

The grey frogs wake up

Watch the rising tides

Time to frog again

The season to get the gains

But the contracts hold them

There will be payment to settle

Running from $10M to $100M

If the frogs want to switch camps

The grey frogs

Now they can forget

They may try a different game

Though they are afraid of their shame

the truth, sirul umar


Sirul Umar

Don't put blame to others

You did the crime

You have to face the time

RPK says he is lying

Sirul didn't disclose facts

He wanted to show he is the victim

Carrying out order to kill

Sirul should disclose

Who sent him one million?

He didn't say

He refused to admit the source

He only wishes to stay in Australia

The Australians may not want him there

A convicted murderer on the loose

They may want him to be deported

Currently the police trying to bring him home

Atlantuya case should be reopened to find the truth

A few main players should be called to testify

Get the closure for the nation and Atlantuya

the political funding


The opposing MP

They can't go without funding

They find it hard to please their constituencies

It is always monies for any small projects

The party leaders refuse to see

The CSA agreement to stop the rut

About funding to get the ball rolling

As it stands today most MP will shift support

The oppositon can't demand for funding

They have no legal rights to get it

It is through the good office of the prime minister

Else nothing will come their way

If the opposition members forget

It is a case law ruled by the Federal Court

It is the right of the ruling government

The opposition members have no say

The CSA agreement

It is to support the ruling government

To garner support for the nation's progress

Less politicking but for economic success

put a cap on pricing


The cost of living

Cruising like lightning

The pockets aren't heavy

The complaints like waves floating

The handouts to appease

It isn't a way forward

ewallet of $100

What can a person do?

Tackle the issue

The cost of living knocks

It is buying time

Renaissance man must decide

Giving out handouts

Isn't solving the issue

Put a cap on pricing

Cities, towns, rural areas

Something drastic needs action

Talking will carry no weight

The cost of living

The pockets aren't heavy

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

the spells


The spells of ancient era

Many used it to benefits

They didn't see the consequences

They only saw what they could gain

The black art and white magic

It is the good and bad in conflict

The present world we are living

The bad seems to get the upper hand

The modern spells in our hands

The easy going easy to use

It will knock our minds

Hook it until we are addicted

The black art on the rise

Many may not see it

But they are in the loop

The spells in our hands

desire of power


Desire of power

Every politician will go

Ask them to give it up

They will not agree

Once each tastes it

The way the power moves

The authority in hand

It can do its magic

Desire of power

The glow in the mind

The power to hire and fire

The power in the wrong hand corrupts

The politicians will go

Chasing power for their benefits

They only show when they have nothing

Every election they will play good servants

Desire of power

The voters must choose

The candidates of right calibre

The wrong ones we will regret

hit the right chords, renaissance man


Renaissance man

Music of promises

Ringing true in the air

He has to bring it alive

Renaissance man

Hit the right chords

Don't waste time talking

The delivery is disappointing

The ground of complaints

The pot holes in the pockets

The extremists creeping in

Since he tries to play his 2R

Renaissance man

He should walk away his Abim roles

He has to deal with the many races

He needs to focus in fairness

Renaissance man

He must play his right chords

Let the string melodies bring

The hope and joy for the nation

the chief wolf will not walk away


The chief wolf

Undergone a minor surgery

Still there are talk he should retire

This is a good exit plan to walk out

The party didn't well in polls

It suffered badly in the last election

These politicians forget the rule

There is a high and a low

The chief wolf has tasted power

He will not easily walk away

He still has to consider his supporters

Backing him up to his high and low of life

He will sit it out till GE16

He still wants to take out the renegade members

Those who gone against him to support the opposition

Now the opposition members frogged into UG

The chief wolf will stay

He has to support his sifu

Indirectly he will benefit it

So will his party as well

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

sirul still keeps his secret


Sirul Umar

Living in Australia

The freedom he enjoys

Atlantuya gone in pieces

He hasn't disclosed evidence

He never says it with impact

He still hides it saving his soul?

Maybe somebody's else handiwork

He tries to plead innocence

The Federal Court found him guilty

He fled to Australia and got detained

In 9 years in detention centre

Now he is released by High Court

His joy maybe short lived

As Australia is trying to introduce law

To deport these non Australian criminals released

Sirul should have given names

During his interview in Australia

Yet he keeps his secret with him

The truth still floating in the air

mister mun mun lai


The slow coach man

Nothing is circling around him

He grabs what comes his way

The good ones he forgets

The bad ones he tries to butter trade

Leaving us with a bitter taste

Benefits with support for his position

He forgets his strong support base

The Mun Mun Lai should run

He has limited time to change

The promises of a better day

The bad laws still in practise

He doesn't feel the bad vibrations

The ground has told him of many complaints

Even a survey shows his rating is down

He should run amok to get his promises done

The slow coach man

Listen to the ground less on his advisors

He has limited time to change

The promises of a better day

vengeance will blind a person


P Ramasamy

His politics down to the fall

Out from the Rocket

Now spewing bad feeling

His vengeance on politics

It will not bring him far

Now forming his own race party

It is just for him to show

What can he do for the Indians?

He didn't do much when he had his time

Now he is out of Rocket he talked differently

His party can't progress nationally

MIC and Hindraf can't do much

What can a new party do to help?

The Indians best to join Rocket or PKR

They will stand a better future instead

P Ramasamy

He should know his politics

Vengeance will blind any person

The focus will be shallow and ineffective

moo test his market


The Moo

He wants to go

So he thinks he should

The delegates refuse

So he graciously withdraw

He will contest his post again

This is a game of politician

Testing the ground to stay relevant

The lure of power

Once tasted it would not disappear

A person who gets it

He may want to hold in

The power in the post

Living like the lord

The Moo will not let go

He just wants to test his market

Personally he should go

Don't let the cortisol steal his life

Leave the arena of dirty politics

Spend some quality time with his family

Monday, November 27, 2023

the evil spirit will not forget


The evil spirit stares

Waking up from his slumber

The noises he always hears

Getting it to his nerves

The many centuries gone

He tried to take less souls

Yet misdeeds of humans

It will never go away

Now he looks out his window

The dim and neon lights glow

The steamy nights and bad deeds

He has seen it all in his centuries

The greed of power

Power to corrupt the mind

The mind will want the riches

Living it with style and glamour

The evil spirit sigh

He has to go to fish off the bad souls

He can hear all the cries and pleading

Still it is his job to finish it

He only hopes in his mind

The humans will learn this century

Too much bad vibrations aren't helping

Nearly 8 billion people mustn't be sleeping

sirul game of play


Atlantuya killers

One in death row

One is free in Australia

Is justice done for her?

The mastermind hasn't caught

He still lives free staying low

The police don't want to reopen investigation

On the new evidence revealed in the open

It may look like hearsay evidence

Since it was a high profile case then

The police should revisit the investigation papers

Many key players involved weren't investigated

Sirul game of play

He holds it dear afraid to lose

His trump card to stay alive

He hasn't disclosed the full crime

He will not come back

He has his freedom in Oz

He isn't so stupid to fly in

He will have his bargaining tools

The truth will disclose

It has been 17 years since 2006

Atlantuya still waiting for her justice

Blew to pieces by using C4 explosives

the nation will cry


The nation will cry

So much hope for a man to try

A leader who suffered in jail and black eye

Yet he doesn't wake up from his cell

A year gone on his leadership

The changes he takes it slow

He only winks in his eyes

That's all he has done since

He still moves in a slow pace

He falls back on 2R instead

He can't see the overall picture

Every one must share equally

The policies of inequality

He must find ways to stop it

The nation is made up of many colours

Waving high for the world to see

Yet the nation will cry

If the Renaissance man afraid to try

It is better to be rejected now

Save the nation the agony of losses

ai afraid


AI afraid

The fall back to 2R instead

Meritocracy should show the light

He only seeks the dim night

So many promises

Yet the walk is slow

As if he has all the times

He should wake up from his slumber

AI must realize

Look to Singapore

See how Lee Kuan Yew cut it

No need to quote scholars

AI afraid

To spook his race

Harping on the wrong focus

The nation will not ring high

The lazy minds

The weak souls

Don't dream Like Mat Jenin

The fall will hurt badly

AI afraid

To hit where it will hurt

The rejects will learn

The art and skill to progress

Sunday, November 26, 2023

the pot holes in our lives


The pot holes in our lives

We live through it all the times

We feel the effects on the downsides

Every time we lose our opportunities

We dream and plot it through

Keeping our fingers crossed

Praying hard for the good tidings

Still behind we will hear

The pot holes in our lives

It needs to be filled to feel safe

The sanity we will need to stay alive

Let the cortisol stay low and quiet

The dreams can change

The pathway can be detoured

As long as it will take us there

The fulfillment of life needs

Yet many will fail

Get cornered in a maze

Finding hard to get out

The pot holes in our lives

greed in bad hollow


You can go up

Up in the sky

Sky of limitless ways

Ways you can use and play

Play at the top

Top of blue and white sky

Sky of limitless ways

Ways to grow

Grow will stop

Stop when mistakes make

Make in life of greed

Greed a loss to many

Many will realize

Realize it is a short spell

Spell of magic of flirting moments

Moments all it takes for the fall

Fall from the top

Top to bottom and cry

Cry in loss of greed

Greed in bad hollow

Sirul should tell all


Sirul should tell all

Why must he hold it back?

A million he was buttered

So he kept certain parts in quiet

The players many knew

In the trial in High Court

The key players weren't called

They were kept away

Azilah should say his piece

Now in prison in death row

His assistant got a better deal

He should close the sad episode

By telling it

The events and who ordered it

There is nothing to cover up now

It is to let the truth be free

It has been 17 years

Since Atlantuya was murdered in October 2006

Her family members received $5million

In High Court for compensation

NR asked Sirul to reveal it all

A dare Sirul shouldn't hide away

It is his opportunity to cleanse up his soul

Let the truth close the sad tragedy

the waves of the bad


Lucifer marches

Chaos in our minds

The eyes will see

The fear and destruction

Fear is a tool

The best of the bad

Using it to control

The people's minds

The numbers rising

As it will in his touches

The fear in our minds

As we run round and round

The tide rising

The waves of the bad

Listening to the air waves

Nothing good but fear instead

Lucifer marches

The angel of fire laughing

It is his game now

The light will shame his name

Saturday, November 25, 2023

time to go


The Moo

Wanting to go

But will he?

He is trying

The test of his relevancy

A party of frogs to hold

Afraid to lose the run

Of the political scene

As expected the delegates rejected

They are afraid to start all over again

The traction gain may all disappear

The crocodiles are ready to swing their tails

The Moo should go

He doesn't need to stay

He got his way through the back door

History will not be kind to him

The Moos

Look into the mirror

Time to pack up

They have lost their game

smoke in the air


Smoke in the air

The wind blowing along

Care not what it will bring

Choking the world with it

We are blind

In our eyes and minds

Never care what it will bring

We carry it on as if nothing wrong

Smoke in the air

Every one can complain

Over a cup of tea or coffee

Yet nothing will change

The drama of fools

Take a one sided road

Thinking they are gods

It's only smoke in the air

so much hope


So much hope

The people voted

The changes needed

The forge nation forward

So much hope

The Renaissance man will bring

The best bet many thought so

The man can bring the changes

So much hope

The little changes come along

The focus jumps to 2R

It isn't the way to change

A year passed

The Renaissance man hasn't done

The real changes he should bring

The road of discontent has risen

So much hope

AI hasn't delivered

He only kaypoh with Hamas

The real changes he loses sight

The 2nd year

The Renaissance man

Better start the ball rolling

The promises must be fulfilled

Don't waste the opportunity

He has the support of 2/3 in Parliament

There is no reason to delay the changes

Let our hope shine he can do it

the backyards


The backyards

Those homeless and vagabond

Sleeping and hoping

The days will bring

The drug addicts

Life isn't good

Chase out and stay

The backyards

The sadly eyes

Once full of hope

Now on the begging cups

The backyards

The politicians

Talk and action nowhere

The homeless and vagabond

The drug addicts all forgotten

At the backyards

Stay out alone

Hoping their world

Will change but the lights dim

Friday, November 24, 2023

the matchmakers


The matchmakers

We don't find them around

They have disappeared from our scene

It will be nice to help singles find partners

During my years in my village

I heard stories about the matchmakers

My mother used to talk about them

She did try to help her sister to fix her date

But my 6th aunty got cold feet

On the day of her meet she refused to come

Though the man came without seeing her

It was a disappointment for my mother

The matchmakers

Though they could make couples to meet

Sometimes they never got married

But life still carrying on

the vernacular schools to stay


The vernacular schools

Guaranteed in the Constitution

The Court of Appeal judges decision

It stands sound of echo of our founding fathers

Though the Malay NGO will disagree

The leaders have no shame but to cause hiccups

The extremists view shouldn't be allowed to exist

The police should have taken them in for good

The Constitution has stated clearly on it

Which part these Malay NGO leaders don't understand?

Now they feel dissatisfied but to file an appeal

To the Federal Court to quash COA decision

The Ros should streamline the many NGOs

The Home Minister should look into it

The nation has too many running around

Most of them don't perform much services