Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sirul should tell all


Sirul should tell all

Why must he hold it back?

A million he was buttered

So he kept certain parts in quiet

The players many knew

In the trial in High Court

The key players weren't called

They were kept away

Azilah should say his piece

Now in prison in death row

His assistant got a better deal

He should close the sad episode

By telling it

The events and who ordered it

There is nothing to cover up now

It is to let the truth be free

It has been 17 years

Since Atlantuya was murdered in October 2006

Her family members received $5million

In High Court for compensation

NR asked Sirul to reveal it all

A dare Sirul shouldn't hide away

It is his opportunity to cleanse up his soul

Let the truth close the sad tragedy

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