Wednesday, November 15, 2023

funds for support


Funds for support

Why should it happen again?

The temptation will drug in

The opposition can't let go

There is no law

Every fund will be distributed fairly

It is up to the ruling party to decide

The funding for each member of the House

The Federal Court ruled it a few years ago

No opposition member can demand for funds

It it the ruling party to decide for it

The best way is to form CSA contractual agreement

But the opposition leaders drag their feet

They aren't interested to beg for the funds

The members can't live without it

As the constituencies demand for assistance

As a result we have seen

UG leaders hop on the wagon

Funds for support in law or policies

Many opposition members will go for it

It is better UG leaders refrain doing

Funds for support UG doesn't need

Why make a problem?

If they don't need CSA so let it stay

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