Tuesday, November 14, 2023

kepala batas


Kepala Batas

The voters gave in to the crocodile

What were they thinking?

Progress on economy or religion and race?

Now the voters may feel regret

Voting the crocodile with less in social skill

PhD and yet can't see differences

A narrow view on race and relationship

The affected persons asking her to apologize

PhD holder refused to bulge from her stand

When error is found why don't say sorry?

Staying silence the legal suit will follow

Many police report lodged

Yet PhD doesn't want to apologize

Police will call her to investigate

In court she has to face her civil suit

Kepala Batas

What were they thinking?

Religion will not feed the soul

It is good work and economy

All politicians must know history

Don't shoot without knowing the facts

Don't get coloured blind by religion

Be compassionate and live in harmony

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