Tuesday, November 07, 2023

the wolf youth leaders


The wolf youth leaders

So vocal on the Palestine issue

It isn't the right way to approach it

Be kind to our own back-yard poor

But the youth wolf leaders

They don't see it in their eyes

Because they don't get the news

They should go to Gaza to protest

Don't speak loudly here

But action they are afraid

Facing the angry soldiers

Seeking revenge on Hamas

By right the Palestinians

Kick out Hamas instead of losing lives

Strike a chord for peace

Learn the lessons of decades

It isn't the right way

Fighting and losing all fronts

Time to walk out from the box

Look right into God's eyes

But wolf youth leaders

They only shout loudly

Of the same faith

Still it is a wrong call

Charity begins at home

Our own displaced people

Nothing seems coming their way

Because don't get publicity

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