Monday, November 06, 2023

it isn't the Rulers decision


No backward amendment

To the citizen law in the Constitution

Renaissance man hasn't gotten his priority right

Still doing the opposite way on his promises

It isn't the Rulers decision

It is the ruling party to make laws

In Parliament for the nation needs

It isn't to impede our rights

Renaissance man should listen

Unless he wants to be seen as one term PM

Now causing much uneasiness to many people

Many civil right groups against the amendment

Much hope we expected from him

Yet so far he seems to fail his supporters

It is his call not the Rulers decision

The 1983 amendment the Rulers can't do much

Any law lapses after 30 days

It will become law with or without Rulers consent

The Renaissance man should get his answer right

The Rocket shouldn't support blindly for the sake of the nation

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