Tuesday, November 14, 2023

sirul is free in Australia


Sirul released by High Court in Australia

The judge ruled it is illegal in law to detain too long

Sirul now walks free from Oz prison

He doesn't need to be deported

He will not file his case to review

He will let his verdict stay here

Why should he file when he can stay free?

Unless he has his conscious to get his sin go

Maybe he can write his memoir

On the high profile case here

The person who gave the order

The police stay mute on the person

The murder case

It is still hanging in our minds

We suspect the person involved

Yet the police don't pursue him

Now Sirul is free in Australia

He will not want to return home

He will stay in Oz

He doesn't need to be deported

And Atlantuya still roaming

Finding her peace is still a long way

Shot and blew up in C4

That person will be worried now

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