Friday, November 10, 2023

fei mooi kitten


Fei Mooi kitten

The neighbour wanted to throw away

Caught her brought to the garden

Let her stay free

A month she stayed

Fei Mooi roamed free

Every time she would sit

Near my legs to say

I am not going anywhere

I am here to stay”

But the mother cat

She didn't care for her kitten

Fei Mooi grew weak the last few days

Until she couldn't open her eyes

Today I look for her

Find her in weak motion

Massage her weak body

Knowing she will not make it

The last few days

She was drinking milk hungrily

I thought she would recover

Until this morning

When I came back from breakfast

Fei Mooi gone to her paradise

Burying her in the garden

Praying for her last rite

Fei Mooi kitten

I remember her bright eyes

Waiting at the main door

Sitting near my legs

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