Wednesday, November 08, 2023

it is with economy to live by


The crocodile leaders

They go again with their antics

Speaking no words of wisdom

Crying with crocodile tears

Speak none on economy

Speak none on the homeless

Speak none on the destitute

Speak more on their political faith

Ring the bells

They try to convince

The folks who can't understand

The religion of their faith

Lies and cheat

Corruption and greed

They will say it's okay

Without worrying on their faces

They only think of their needs

The crocodile leaders splash their teeth

Intimidate the truth with crocodile tears

Dreaming of their own rule one day

Like Mat Jenin of ancient folkflore

The Humpty Dumpty sits on the wall

Once jump up with glory in their eyes

Falling deep into the dark hollow

The crocodile leaders

Living on religion

The souls will not survive

It is with economy to live by

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