Tuesday, November 07, 2023

the unfair distribution


Malaysia Pie

Do we all get it?

Read through the Constitution

The unfair distribution

Right to practise religion

Yet one religion gets the huge fund

Instead the fund should use for the people

Religion is a self growth with God

Constitution says it is Secular

The Malay politicians will scream

It is a Muslim nation

Because Islam is a religion of the Federation

It's a Malaysian Pie

One race forgets her values

They want to take it all

Compassion slowly cry

Even the Sultans power

Lose some of it in 1983 amendment

The balance of power

Depend on the political play

Even the economic cake

It is tilted to a race

The shares and entitlements

The erosion of a fair consideration

Malaysia Pie

We need to grow out of the box

Choose the best not on entitlement

The nation needs to grow beyond

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