Monday, January 31, 2011

believe in bee anne holes in pocket

Bee Anne won Tenang
The celebrations begin
With flood waters teasing the winner
For the motorists Ron 97 up 10cts

Tenang voters you never knew
Cost of goods will eat into your pockets
You may dream of the promises made
You lose with Bee Anne

Most of the essential goods increase
Even your friendly hawkers jump into the wagon
They can't give you any reasonable excuse
Bee Anne favorite line “Ignore the hawkers!”

Bee Anne run away with problems
Hiding it somewhere with KPI
They say departments will be in best shape
They employ more people into it

Bee Anne won Tenang
Flood water rising in Johore
Ron 97 jumped up 10cts
Believe in Bee Anne holes in pocket

thieves and robbers

Thieves and robbers
They don't operate at night
They have changed
They moved with times

Once we were schooled
At the young age of the night
Locked up doors and windows
Not about mosquitoes

It was about thieves and robbers
They came in the night....
A time many fell asleep
Dreaming of the world

In the day time
Some came with a lorry
Looted the household goods
Neighbors thought moving house

They came as plumbers
They worked as electricians
They didn't come as sales men
They knew people will close doors

Else they came as what they were
Thieves and robbers in broad day light
They knew about the houses
The owners all came home late at night

Thieves and robbers
They dare to rob at day light
The neighbors all away to work
Leaving the children

The police all the excuses
Patrolling around neighborhood
Lack of personnel and vehicles
Leaving thieves and robbers free

tenang poll expected

Tenang poll
We don't expect the change
The folks will vote
On the trend as they roll

Give Bee Anne the hope
The arrogance the party leaders sing
Give them the rope to noose
When the time comes pulling it back

Give Bee Anne the confidence
Let the leaders sing for all
The arrogant and greed with corruption
The time will come they will fall

Tenang result nothing to shout
The Pakatan Rakyat should go for the bigger picture
Putrajaya must be the fort to take
In it the cleansing shall begun

puffing away

Sample smokers

Sample smokers

Puffing away as they like
The smokers gathered knowing not each other
Within the walls they looked with puffing smoke
Exhaling and inhaling back to the lungs

Gazetted places smokers aren't allowed
The old habits die hard so they ignore
Puffing smoke into the crowd
They don't think of their unhealthy life style

There is a law to control smokers
They just ignore or they play ignorant
A 2 years jail and a fine of $10,000
In Malaysia they know they can get free

The enforcement of the law
It is no where to be found
The enforcement officers hiding behind walls
Let the smokers smoke to heaven

Puffing away as they like
Do as they want forget others
As they drag their smoke
They are the ones

Sunday, January 30, 2011

change to live free

Free To Love

Bee Anne putting up walls
Around themselves ignoring the economic woes
The people on the streets
They struggle to meet daily and monthly payments

Bee Anne telling you
There is no price increase
The Retailers Association says so
Yet the prices of goods jump

Even a glass of plain water jump
What's more with other food items
And Bee Anne still says....
“We take care of the people”

The recent announcements
There is no toll increase for certain highways
One shorter toll there is no toll
The small camouflage bigger agendas

Bee Anne doesn't tell
It is always for themselves
The Transformation Programs
The milking economy begins

Tunisia and Egypt erupted
People got angry with their governments
They only take care of their own
Leaving the people out in the cold

The economic cake must be shared
Equally with all the people
There shouldn't be a divide and rule
Now people we better change government

the day 13

borrowed zorro unmasked

On the roads
The heavy downpour
The strong wind blowing
Swaying the cars

The drivers cursing
Deep in concentration
They don't want to miss the boat
Of the gravy train

The Blue guys and women
In separate cars driving for a mission
They must pluck all loopholes
They know a hard day long

One arrogant leader told the Kelantanese
Give us your votes you will not get the flood
Now what he sees in his own backyard
Flooding water swiftly into homes

You want to get “Tenang”
Through allegedly corrupted means
A torn cash cheque issued by MCA Tenang branch
Which may not say any thing...

It is the perception
The battle is fought
The branded cars move
Slowly in the flooded streets

The banners swinging
The wind keep on its pressures
The people feel the inconvenient
What say you the blue guys?

People wake up face the truth
You live in the cage for too long
Feeding lazily by the ruling elites
Carting away your freedom and wealth

Now the branded cars cruise
Finding ways to make its impact
Parading on the streets
The simple folks don't look at it this way

it makes no difference now!

Tenang voters
There is no difference
Which way the wind blowing
It makes no impact in this race

Bee Anne and its partners
Take their promises and goods offered
Though in corruption law it is an offense
You don't ask why it rain on buy election?

Tenang voters
The courtship for a while
The promises will be long coming
When the buy election is over

Come GE13
Make your decision decisively
You want freedom and beyond
Pakatan Rakyat the way

If you can't change
You are like the trophy birds
Always in the cages.....
Enjoy the lazy feeding life

in the bird's cage

The little humming birds
Now in the cage tweeting away
Signaling for the parenting birds
“Here we are in the cage!”

Rain and cold water
The little humming birds hopping out
Into the branches tweeting loudly
They think they are free

They don't think of the stray cats
The cats borrowing the garden to walk through
Any smell of fresh meat the cats will attack
The little humming birds aren't trained to know

They think they can fly
Into the vast empty space in the sky
Only now they aren't yet
Hopping from branch to branch

Now in the bird's cage
For the next few days
Until they are able to fly
They start learning and their safety

you shouldnt go

You shouldn't go
When you find you can't get it
Life isn't everything you would get
You have to lose to gain

You try to run down
The friends you once associated
You wanted to be part of the game
You aren't there they know what you are

You haven't tried hard
You thought you had all those years
They read you like a book
You only care for personal gratification

You thought you put in a share
Demonstrations fighting with police
Getting tear gassed and charged in courts
They sniffed you like a book

You only fight for your own
You can't defend your party aspirations
Now the opponents sing praises
You thought you did the right way

You shouldn't go
Now that you had done
They say they knew you like a book
How true you have become!

there are nails on the streets



The dust hasn't settled
PKR selection processes
Of the candidates in last election
Now the weaknesses exposed

These representatives
Only for their own objectives
For the party they hide the truth
For the people they give their true characters

The latest was Gopala
He hit his own head
For days he had his day
Now he quit PKR

In a way he knew he had to go
With his public outbursts degrading his standing
As a leader he should have known of his action
He should fight within the party

Party election winning and losing
Nobody should feel integrity displaced
It is part and parcel of election
It is best now the true colors are exposed

PKR learn lessons
Trim it be ready to sprint
For the road to Putrajaya
There are nails on the streets

Saturday, January 29, 2011

life a matter of jokes

Life a matter of jokes
You hear it often in circles
You want to play along
Do as I say don't ask questions

In family it is said
Obey your parents
They know you better
Life a matter of jokes

In the working atmosphere
The family doctrine rules
“Listen to me
you are paid for it”

In circle of friends
You can observe the leader speaks
The followers just listen nodding heads
Life a matter of jokes

Only the thick skinned dare
To hit the roof and telling why
For some they don't walk blindly
They want to know what lies beyond

Life a matter of jokes
We are just puppets on the strings
They tell you about intimidation and fear
Only the thick skinned dare to hope

Change we must
For progress within and nation
We can't let fear rule our lives
Think of the ancient adventurers

They inspired their countrymen
Sailing to the uncharted waters
Conquered their fear won territories
They changed the thinking of the world

drive carefully

The smile on their faces
Packed their personal belongings
Waving goodbye to the family
On the way for festive holidays

Take the bus for the long haul
They feel the happening in their minds
The holiday season comes again
The games of fun and pleasure a light

On the highway the bus speed
The driver forgets the speed limit
Driving hard on the road
Lack of sleep wanting to earn more

The sign says
Don't drive above speed
It may cause misery
The driver ignores

The tiring body takes over
Head nodding bus swerving off side
It tumbles to metal railings
Hit head on a loud crash

The cries of pain
The crushing of metals
The loud crushing bang
The bus and lorry collided

The faces of sorrow
As the injured help by passersby
Putting them on side lane
Ambulance ringing not far behind

The festive holidays
Drive with care look left and right
And left and right again
You never know when dark angel sings

the dogs abusers

Do We Deserve This?

The dogs abusers
They aren't the isolated cases
Through the years
The dogs got the end of the stick

The pressures of work
Family and social networks
The outlets of releasing
The dogs seem nearby

The stray dogs roaming
On the streets without owners
The out of control abusers
They run and hit the stray dogs

The family dogs too
In the hands of the abusive owners
The dogs suffer in silent pain
Though with a roof over its heads

The dogs abusers
They need help
It isn't a one off balance
They need guidance

Friday, January 28, 2011

a candle light for TBH

Teoh Beng Hock
Teoh Beng Hock

Why it is so hard to tell the truth?
Months of inquiry came to naught
Finding who did him to the fall?
The justice denied afraid to tell

Interrogate the macc officers
They were the ones should be called
On the day TBH plunged through the window
A tight security area nobody knew.....?

Now RCI to probe on macc
Will it find the truth or just another delay tactic?
Shifting gears from manual to automatic justice?
The security officers no walking stairs and around the building?

There will be dragging inquiry
To find the real culprits all must be called
The interrogating team handling Teoh Beng Hock
There was no real reason he wanted to die

the blue curtains

Blue Curtain

The blue curtains
Years hanging like wasted souls
Nobody cares to know
Day and night it stands

The year of the beginning
When things were new smell the aroma
Of the freshness wrapped in plastics
Once it was taken up it was the hangman's noose

For years waiting for its turn
The colour fading the zest of imaginative life
It sways by the soft wind and the whirring fan
Until the appeal court sends the blue curtains elsewhere

Today it was brought down
Finally the blue curtains change of windows
It will be sent to another home
A prisoner of nobody's around

you were born to play right

Don't let wealth take hold of your life
You will not have normal carefree pursuits
You will be haunted day and night
Every time you open your eyes

You have the single pursuit
You want to make it in the end
You don't care how many promises broken
You don't have time to think about

Don't let wealth take hold of your life
You will lose all directions when the time arrives
You think you can have them all in your command
You will surely mistaken as you try to do

When you chart rises up on the wave
You think you can do as you please
Along the way you will find
There is no such thing you can buy

Don't let wealth take hold of your life
It isn't the reason you were born to try
You were born to learn the way to play right
Earning a place in the heavenly gate

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the women of the night 4

Walking around the red light district in Shinjuku and boy are they PUSHY about it.
Seriously, you could walk 5 feet without having some pimp
try to get you talk into one of their 'massage parlors'

Massage parlors and the hidden services
The menu on display with photographs
You can pick which one to take on
You just pay the money and you are on your way

In the cities you will find
Many outlets advertising its services
Women of many races to choose
The massage parlors and its hidden routines

There is no middle man involved
Direct dealing strike your bargain
The extra services earning by the women
I heard the stories so many times

Now it is in the world wide web
In it you find the services and places to go
The players recommendations to shake up your routines
The lives of many searching the fun of erotic games

the women of the night 3

Once she worked
As a receptionist
Back in the old hill of yesterdays
Hardworking sometimes fooling around

Learning her skills
Falling for the wrong guys
In the end her outlook changed
She left the hill

Once in Johore
I thought I saw her then
Driving an expensive car
Arriving in the hotel

My friend whispered to me
“She is hot on the list
Many clients she will serve
Royalty to the common”

She ignored me
For years she left the hill
We didn't acknowledge
I didn't know she was in that profession

She was young
Pretty and full of life
I heard she got married
Husband left leaving her with retarded kids

When age caught up with her
She would beg others for her services
A pity episode once I heard
She found out too late

Life is up and down
There is no permanency
One should remember on the ground
Friends you meet friends you leave behind

One day you will return
On the same road you will drive
You will see the familiar signs
You will know you need your friends

the women of the night 2

The ancient profession
It just will not go away
As long as there are clients
Learning and fun times for money

The women provide an outlet
For the services men can't find
With girlfriends and wives
So the guys go never want to find

With money in the pockets
Students, adults and old guys
The ancient profession
The women of the night

There is no string to worry
About affairs and messy relationships
Give the women the money
The services will just come

The guys old or young
They have to remember
Put on the cap to ease the worry
The women of the night many clients

The ancient profession
Till today the women smile
For the guys with money
They provide different services

women of the night 1

women's night

Women of the night
No red lights to shine
Private numbers and web
Through runners bringing clients

In the cities and major towns
The women of the nights
They want to earn quick money
Full time or part time

They have nicknames
The players cruise for them
Names of menu
Telling the different race

Imagine such races
Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow
Tosai and Tom Yam
The market secretly supplying

Private contacts through players
Sometimes circulating in the web
The enterprising ones will go
Let the services roaming wide

Women of the night
Don't look down on them
They provide services
In the time of the Ancient

They are humans
Every one wants to live an easy life
So are the women of the nights
They teach the young; they let the old

Women of the nights
They know the risks and diseases
Of people they serve
For the outlets for the young and old

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

all draconian laws must go!

Sedition Act must go
There is no room for it to stay
It has been for decades
During the time of the British rule

Freedom in the Constitution
The people have the rights
It is enshrined in the legal document
The Sedition Act must go

Bee Anne again
The walls cracking up
Now the leaders want to pump in
The power to act as they like

They forget the people decide
Bee Anne you have stayed too long
Don't read the signs everywhere?
Every step you take it is downward spiral

Bee Anne wants to hold
The power running away from their stand
The wind and the waves break its wall
The party sees the holes

Now Bee Anne wants road shows
Wasting money the last run....
Important things they don't handle
They sweep it away under the carpet

All draconian laws must go
It has no place in democracy
The elected representatives by the people
They forget so they will perish in the votes

tenang 1Malaysia is way far behind

By dadoex

Tenang on the speak
1Malaysia gone to the bin
The brickbats and codswallop
What's 1Malaysia then?

Goodies come in loads
Every one goes and toad
The ruling elites and partners
Spreading goodwill on corruption

In the open the campaigns
The race to the ground
When 1Malaysia is way far behind
It is race again in painted slogan

The buy election
Tenang wins for the people
No matter which party triumphs
It makes no difference in the equation

Let's wait for GE13
This is the way to show
Which party to form the government
The way we want them to run

Equality harmony and freedom
The choices one has the right to make
In the Federal Constitution enjoying our rights
Let the shine glow in our eyes and minds

peh khim on the road

White envelope

White envelope

Every festive season
The waking up giants flow
On the roads they will roam
The road safety becomes top priority

It is the same old story
The bus drivers speeding on
It should be every day affair
The giants only wake up in festive holidays

Summons never pay
JPJ and police stray
With computerization in administration
Yet the bus drivers are left free

The lives of commuters
In the hands of the reckless drivers
Now who's to blame?
JPJ and police escape

dont sweep under the carpet

Sweeping under the Carpet

Complaints don't hide it away
It will not disappear like it or not
It will cause headaches and tantrums
For the people who start the cycle

Every complaint needs a reply
It doesn't need a long winding explanation
A short reply will soothe the complainant
The leeway finds out the causes of it

Ignoring it will cause many firing holes
It isn't easy to put all out of its misery
The spreading of careless handling issues
It causes anxiety and inner revolt........

A political party or organization
The feedback makes the improvements
Nobody will like to ignore complaints
People don't write to wasting time

Carrot and pull measures
It works sometimes but not every time
The leaders should recognize it
It is easy to make enemies....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

map of living in harmony

Painted house musical chairs
Chairs of many colors and designs
Designs from the many currying favors
Favors to get on the wagon

Wagon rolling on
On the road squeaking sound
Sound of complaints many issues
Issues causing headaches teary eyes

Eyes on the cake
Cake baked in the oven
Oven of yesterday news
News at one time so popular

Popular for a cause
Cause to get freedom and choices
Choices of a road map
Map of living in harmony

Harmony in religions
Religions of many people
People have a relationship
Relationship with nature and economy

what can i say?

Hey hey what can I say?
When the crunch came
These doggy representatives run
Ignoring the wishes of the State

They talked so much
The respect of royalty
When the day came
They ran away

Hey hey what can I say?
Now the people know
Let them go
Change the government

When they come to tell
Ignore them all
The Bee Anne only talk
They want for themselves

These doggy representatives
They can't fool the voters any more
When the day arrives they better retire
Else catch the fury of the voters

Hey hey what can I say?
They talk so loud making many police reports
They say they support royalty
When the day came they ran away

somali pirates

Somali pirates capured

Somali pirates
Roaming the sea
Cashing on the unarmed vessels
Asking for ransom money

So many cases
Hundreds of millions paid
The vessels and crews released
Somali pirates roaming the sea

With the ransom money
They buy arms to equip themselves
Catching on the unarmed vessels
They smell the money easily made

Somali pirates
Let them never go free
Crush them before it becomes rampant
On the shipping routes of commerce

the running dogs

The barking and running
Everybody stares on the streets
What are the running dogs doing?
Running errands for their masters

They look at you
Fierce eyes snarling teeth
As if they want to own
Every inch of the road

They don't tolerate
Outsiders to roam on their streets
They will come together
Chasing and biting the intruders

The barking and running
The running dogs passing history
Watching them you realize
It is no different with human beings

Monday, January 24, 2011

the whirring of the wind

The shade by the beach
The cool breezes sing

Sitting under the shadowy leaves
Sometimes tent or umbrella

The white sand sparkles
In the hot ray of the sun

The slow tides tiring moves
Lazily touching the shore

The debris of yesterday
Irresponsible locals and tourists

They think they pay money
They can dirty the sea

Under the shade
Many sunbathers lounging

Closing eyes dreaming away
The natural coloring contest

The shade by the beach
Watching the beach boys run

The whirring of the wind
The cloudy sky the awakening waves

bloom the products

Lim's garden and landscaping
Once it was well maintained
In the beginning opening for business
Every thing was pleasant to the eyes

Over the years the owner
Maybe lack of manpower to maintain
The nursery outlook like withering leaves
Surrounding areas the bad creepers calling home

Even the show piece naturally clobbered
By the creeping plants taking hold on it
The sample imprints covered by the wild creepers
What's left the shadow of its past show pieces

Along the trunk road
To Kampar Perdana and Tesco
Nobody will miss it
You will see as you drive along

It is a long time I never go
Today I popped in I saw
The heyday of his interests
He must be running a one man show

The garden show piece
A long neglecting venture
The owner should take quick remedial measures
Let the garden and landscaping bloom

the cheapskates

Tenang buy election
borrowed from zorrow-unmasked

The crumbs falling
By the loads of it
What will it cost?
The many took away

Buying votes
Telling it is social work
Look at them
Where is the morality?

White envelopes of money
The sending off to Hades
When it is money
Everything can

The crumbs falling
Macc what are you doing?
Listening to pop songs
When the streets rapping away

Buying votes
Free houses for the poor
Crates of oranges
Bags of goodies and white packets

The Hades waiting
The gate special passes
For the immorality run
With a smile he waves them on

there are steps you need to hold on

There are steps to climb
You can't finish it even you reach the top
There you find the next port of call
You can't refuse you will go on

Every step you will learn
The tales of what life will do
What roles you will be playing
You may sing out your blues

There is no ending in your climb
There are steps you need to hold on
Every step you will find
There are tales you wanted to know

You may put your marks
Let you feel you are wanted
On every step you climb
You hope you will learn the lessons well

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the shade by the beach

The shade by the beach
The sun shines brightly

The shadows move
The waving waves

Come dip into the water
You will not disappear

You think life is unfriendly
Taking you down into the dark hole

Come dip into the water
Feel the undercurrent flow

You don't have to run
You just stay calm

You just need to let go
Feel the waves calling you

Come dip into the water
The caressing strokes take you away

You don't have to worry
Let go and feel the waves

the kangaroo court


The kangaroo court
The high tide of low justice
Constitution of States and Federal
Rule according to the spirit of the law

Don't interpret as your own
If that is so go play and contest in politics
The structures are easy to understand
Don't go making your own reading of the law

The kangaroo court
The tides come so it shall be
Taking out the debris flooding the premises
It is time a sweeping cleaning done

The kangaroo court
The name brings shame
They sell their pens
For the short glory

It is time honor should return
The bench of justice the hope of many
Let the past mistakes be the guiding post
For justice is reading the law passed


Tenang by election
A straight fight between Pas and Bee Anne
On issues of Islamic State and gloves
Of lies and spinning tales

Pas maintains its stand
Islamic State for the country
Bee Anne already declared
Malaysia is an Islamic State

So what's Chua Soi Lek wanted to fool?
The Chinese voters of Islamic State?
When Umno leaders declared it so!
Why wanted to lie when Umno declare?

The non-Islamic voters
Don't get swayed by lies
MCA leaders want the cake
Though it is a small share

Even Umno leaders take pot shots
When their own PM had said so
Why tell something isn't true?
Islamic State you guys had declared

Don't be selfish
Go for the change
For the future to come
Tell the likes of Chua to go home

life always a circle

By Snaaag

Life always a circle
You know the drill as you go
Up the hill down the slope
There is no permanent glow

You get it through
As you struggle for your ambition
Studying hard wanting to taste the good life
Once you get there you are just alone

Yeah life always a circle
Every body wants a share
Moving quickly for the take
Then it is downhill all the way

Don't forget the people
You meet on the spinning wheel
Once the journey ends
You have to get out to meet

Life always a circle
You know it sometimes you are blind
Pushing yourself even after the shell life
There is no benefits in the end

Life always a circle
You know the drill as you go
Up the hill down the slope
There is no permanent glow

Saturday, January 22, 2011

hand phones


Hand phones make it easy
For every one to keep in contact
In the cities or in the villages
Right up to the hilly stations

Even children too
They have hand-phones going to schools
Parents want to keep in the loop
Where the children will go

We can't fault the technology
It makes life so lazy
Talking while walking
On the busy roads and driving

Smugglers and informers
Contact and sharing information
It all become like a breeze
Just punch the keys messages through

There is one thing
The guys should know
Too many talk and calls
The sperm count will decrease

A preliminary study
On 361 guys to determine
The sperm count deteriorates
For guys you better take notice!

The side effects are coming
Slowly researches will come to say
About hand-phones though it is handy
There are side effects to pay