Sunday, July 31, 2011

the brutus in his camp

It's so sad
Very sad indeed
The black knight gets cornered
On everything he says

He can't make an absolute decision
He's hanging it upside down
He thinks the people don't know
The slogan dying a slow death

Now he wants to spin his tales
After the event of his holidays
The truth of the matter
He didn't say it out right at all

He ducks the question
He still wants to use his magic bag
The buying spree on his cards
The support he yearns to have

He never sees the empire
Slowly crumbling to pieces
Every statement rings of a spin
The rusty exterior the internal frays

It's so sad
Very sad indeed
The black horse goes running
The black knight walks on alone

the drama king

drama king

The drama king on the street
Barking at the wrong tree
Of the blue gangs guarding opposite
The tension running high

The atmosphere fully charged
The marchers walked peacefully
Chanting for a cause they believe in
Only the drama king acted differently

The act of bravery on the street
The drama king used it at the wrong timing
The blue gang just watched him
The face they knew back in the old days

The fence sitters watched
By the side streets or in high rise buildings
The drama king on the opera show
On the street to sink his low

The show on the streets
With drizzling rain for backdrop
The show of sea of people
The drama king forgot

the ray of yellow


The yellow light
The way it is
Only the fearful society
The power enriches leaders
Even the ruling houses
They forget the Constitution

Bersih by Ambiga
Bersih by the opposition
As long as it brings change
For a level acceptable by the people
It makes no difference who leads

They are worried
The pot of gold can't shine yellow
The rays of yellow light
Now it seems taboo

The empire is crumbling
The running out of defenses
They cut and paste to fool themselves
For the change is marching in

The candle light vigils
The praying by the people
It is bearing fruit
The ray of yellow; the change coming!

too many managers

A small nation
The span of control
It spreads wide losing checkability
It's to satisfy the warlords

So many managers
It makes the leader looking important
The surrounding yes-men and women
Losing the respect by the people

The public funding
The overlapping fields
The managers feeling important
They treat themselves to charity

The people don't get their dues
Paying taxes allegedly gone to waste
Too many managers running a small nation
It makes the leader feeling important

Do you want it this way?
You have a choice to make
Do the right thing in your life
Make the change you will not regret it!

it's the little kindness


It's the little kindness
It will bring smile to somebody
You don't have to spend money
It's the gestures which bring the joy

You can read a story book
To the children you are the hero
They listen to every word
You make the story comes alive!

Even in a crowded bus
Give your seat to elderly person
Pregnant women standing
It is the way it brings

Learn to live
Many problems can't be solved
Not in this world of greed and corruption
You can change the party leaders by your vote

It's the little kindness
Along the way of one's life
It brings joy to somebody
It's the little things make the difference

Saturday, July 30, 2011

shopping in the mall

Children run free
In the shopping mall
The parents wondering eyes
Looking at the window display

In the shopping spree
They forget about children
In the freedom the kids enjoy
The bright lights and many toys

It just takes a few seconds
A child can be lost in the mall
The frantic parents will search
Every shop every window look

Then if you are lucky
You will find a good Samaritan
The child is brought to reception
You will hear the announcement

Don't get lost in shopping
With your own thoughts and walking
When you are a parent with children
Keep a close eye on your brood

maybe they look for something else

The women in the mall
The young ones walking
Maybe they do window shopping
Maybe they look for something else

They young guys in the mall
You see them standing sitting on chairs
Eyes studying the women walking by
Maybe they look for something else

The runners for the syndicates
They watch with interested eyes
What they can do with the young adults
Maybe they look for something else

In the mall the meeting place
Where things may happen with money exchange
For the good life though flirting moments
Maybe they look for something else

the cleaning houses

A diamond ring
A police report lodged
And the tag line “No time to argue”
So it buries under the carpet?

Why the police slow action?
The IRB should investigate for tax evasion?
The custom should show has tax paid?
The lingering questions floating in the air

Compare to Lillian Chan
A Tony Yew made a police report
Though it was for private viewing
A trust broken police acted swiftly

Here lies the crunch
The red and blue hat
The public know the truth
No matter what spins

The change will come
As swiftly as the wind blow
The cleaning houses
It's time to do!

the equal the sins we had made

Spoons Elope

This was a story
About good deed turned bad
A helped turned into marriage nightmare
In the end the marriage collapsed

An Indonesian maid
Chased out from her previous home
She was found crying at a house
The Malay housewife took her in

The tales of a good deed
Helping a woman in need
She gave the maid a place to stay
Until she could find her bearing

In time the maid took her husband
They eloped and got married
When the religious authority caught up with them
They had a legal marriage document

The Malay housewife now divorced
She has to fence herself by working as a laborer
In her kindness to help another woman
She lost her husband and now to find her living expenses

Sometimes it is our past lives
We took advantage of others
Now in this life we have to pay
To equal the sins we had made

Friday, July 29, 2011

the hazy time

The body heat
The temperature rising
The drumbeats on the head
It never goes away

The smell of burning
The haze comes
It doesn't want to go away
It stays in the air

The Main Range
The painting of hazy color
The naked eyes see
Across the ocean it flies in

The clinics will be happy
Money flowing in
The people will suffer body weaknesses
Breathing the unhealthy air

the nation will see the change

The ballot boxes will decide
The fate of the government leaders
There is no better way
The people must cast it
For the future our nation
It's in our hands

They spin their stories
When there is no case for arrest
It is just they wanted to muscle in
The fear and intimidation
It has long gone the people understood
Only the government leaders never listen

The agencies they used
Popping up their power base
Though it is for a while
The ballot boxes will decide
Where the future they lie?
They know the word “Exit”

The 13 drumbeats in the distance
The sound of marching for change
The government leaders and cronies
They want to make as much gains as possible
In the wake of their own blunders

The nation will see the change
The writing up and talking of it
The change will come into force
The way the people will it to come

the scream of the night 4


The survivors send messages
Spreading the tales far and wide
People begin to realize
There are many rotten in their lives

The night of the bloodbath
The screams of the night
The gunshots fire into the demons
They just laugh change into bats

The swarm of black birds
They cover the dark sky
The people watch in terror
When the news spread

The churches ring
The temples hit the gongs
The mosques praying
The deliverance of light

The streets people gather
They want to defend against the demons
Into one unity one voice
They wait to fight until the light shine

The drunkards and party goers
They don't listen, they don't see
They are in merriment of the night
When the party is over the demons wait

The rotten of the system
It has made the fools out of the people
Cheating, robbing, killing, raping
Greed, corruption, lies and affairs

The demons enjoy the scenes
The input will bring them in full force
For they strive on the weaknesses of the people
They come without compassionate grace

The scream of the night
The people hear and shiver
“Fools for not believing
Disunity spells the doom!”

at the local coffee shop

The shadowy light
I watch the people walk
In the local coffee shop
The tables under the shade

Up in the row of shop-lots
The singing of people
The saleswoman pitching her sales
Telling them the good products

The furniture shop
On the rundown cinema hall
Cracked paints on the wall
The parasite trees grow

Nobody wants to do
They sit and talk in the morning
Watching the day going
Watching the cars passing through

The day of morning hope
They wish they will get
I finish my breakfast
I drive home in the light

Thursday, July 28, 2011

the yellow light

The yellow on the rise
Across the land the people smile
The golden rays of hope
The gods must be singing

In the morning glow
The smell of goodness
The people feel the bouncy
On the walk to the fields

On the trees the yellow rays
Sparkling flow of its radiant light
The people driving to work
The people sitting in the office blocks

They sing silently
The glory of the gods
The day of yellow
The time of history

the nock ten

Nature roar
The storm hit the land
Waving up the seas
There is no second thought

The sins we live
The fools we have been
The right path we forget
Now we witness

Lucky for Malaysia
Unlucky in South Korea and Philippines
The water level increasing
Deaths and misplaced people

Though we seem to escape
We aren't with the haze
Causing health problems
For those who ignore

The Nock Ten drums its beats
Causing storms and torrential rain
Watching out the sins of the land
What else we haven't repented?

the white stray cat

The white stray cat
Once poking its head at the main door
Staring at me as if it wanted to challenge
“You think you can catch me?”

By the time I walked there
It bolted away over the fence
The playing game of hide and seek
As the hours drew close it never came

Now the white stray cat
It became bolder with its roaming
It came through the side door
Walking around the living room

When it heard the sound
It quickly jumped out
Through the windows
“You think you can catch me?”

It stared back near the car
Eyes staring straight with its cunning glow
Then it jumped over the fence
The playing game of hide and seek

the club of 27

The Club of 27
The ghosts who lived
The singers gone
At the young age

The demons of their lives
They brought there
At one time it was high
Then the twilight came

No matter how much
They couldn't get the high
They were doomed
They day they didn't realize

The Club of 27
Many will come
For history seem to repeat
For the singers who forget

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

delaying marriage


Single women
Single men
Careers first
Marriage the last call

Romance in between
Nothing serious to tie the knot
They want to build own nests
Be independent enjoy its privileges

The parents of the old
Marrying young match making tools
Children came many
The household chores cooked them in

The children grew up
Recognizing the pitfalls
So they will build own careers
No going back to the old

Delaying marriage
They don't say no to romance
They will do on their own terms
When the time is right

where is the truth?

The rain fall
On the ground
On the graveyard
The music of sadness

TBH's family members
They wish to close his chapter
It had gone for 2 years now
The RCI has opened more questions

The RCI never found the truth
They only add the drama in our minds
They said it was suicide
No explanation no facts to support

Somehow the learned judges fail
The way they let the people down
TBH died again under mysterious flaws
RCI should give us the answer...

Now the 13th drumbeats
The gong striking hard into the future
Where changes must be met
To clean up the ills of this nation

the 13th drumbeats

The coated candies
In the black bag

The smile on his face
The treats and tricks surface

The tricks he displays
The walk the talk he ignores

Displaying words
Using slogan to entice

Only the cronies benefit
The others out of the loop

Afraid of the truth
Outsiders he deports

Telling lies to satisfy
The truth he hurriedly ignores

The Mongolian beauty
The pieces of fire

The darkness can't hide
It will glow the tracks find

The spot glaring bright
He tries to hide.....

In the candies
The treats he wants to share

Only it is our wealth
He thinks he owns it

The 13th drumbeats
The gong of change

This time
The candies can't work

Only the lap dogs
As usual they will bark

Morning to night
Telling how good they are!

the ruler measurements


When gold in your eyes
You will forget what principles lie
You will even sell your soul
Forget all about the plan

When the stakes are high
When you see the quarreling
Each leader wants a share
In the end take the gold

Let the warring parties fight
You go all the way to paradise
Soak it up on the quiet beach
With food, drinks and company

Yet there are leaders
The honest and brave ones to the fore
They are willing to sacrifice
Money, time and soul

For the ordinary people
To get a better life ahead
To share the fruits of the nation
Equally and fairly distributed

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

no human is perfect

No human is perfect
We are made with our flaws
It is how you managed it
Showing the good in yourself

It is on the Creation
We can't be perfect
Then God has no job to do
It is the way we are created

Of course some will want perfection
In the process they cause misery
On themselves and others around them
They think they are gods

The things you have
You thought you earned and worked hard for it
It is the angels letting it to you
The testing of your spirit of many

We have failed many times
We thought we have made it
We forget no human is perfect
Perfection shouldn't be in our process

So recognize our faults
Work on it know the barriers
In this way you will find your peace
The harmony towards life riches

the 13th will come

The 13th will come
No matter what the party leaders want to say
Using fear tactics using discrimination
The people have learned through experience

The government leaders never learned
They think they will rule forever
When the knocks have occurred
They fail to see with their eyes

They still talk down on the people
As if the people owing them their living
They have forgotten the principles
Sitting too long on the power chairs

You are there by the people
You aren't the boss to the voters
The 13th will come
Your fate will be in the ballot boxes

The 13th will come
This will be the change
The cracks have opened up
Nobody can stop the dream

the scream of the night 3

One by one the car moves away
Leaving behind the smoke of haze
Screaming tyres in the quiet night
The parking lot is left empty again

The ambulance gone
The police officers finish up their work
The yellow line to bar any one from entering
They too leave to the station

The night has become silent
There is no sound to be heard
The lonely night finally returns
The empty lot waiting for something

The black smoke rising
The floating images arrive
The dark forces land on the ground
“We have to take this command!”

“But Boss you must know
We aren't alone in this world
Look upwards Boss
The black clothed woman”

“She's nothing!
I am the leader of this pack
She has her own interests”
“Boss you shouldn't try to cut her off!”

“Why not?
I am your leader!”
“Since when big mouth?
You have gone over your head”

“I am sorry to displease you
I was trying to engage with conversation
I mean no disrespect my queen”
“You better know your place”

“Now go and enjoy the night
Nobody can stop us now
We have the numbers
and the skill to wage a war!”

In the air the dark forces
Flying in group of 3 or 4
The red eyes and claw fingers
They fly in harmony of the night

In the police station
The officers are lazing around
There is hardly any distress call
When there is, death always flow

Some are smoking
Some colleagues arguing
Through the hand-phones
Knowing eyes about the opposite sex

Then the windows shatter
The shaves of glasses fly
Into the ground on the desks
The police officers stare

The evils fly in
The red eyes glowing
The tails lashing around
One officer is caught

He screams loudly
As the tail cuts him into parts
The entails drop on the floor
The dark creatures laugh

The officers open fire
The bullets fly hitting the creatures
Nothing seem right at their sight
The creatures never die!

The creatures jump on them
Catch up into the air
The officers struggle to get free
The demons bite their necks

Drain their life source
The taste of blood
The struggles in the air
The bodies lay still

The demons drop them
On the floor on the desks
Like rolling pins
No looking back

the scream of the night 2

On the high rise building
A man watching her closely
The dark clothed woman feels it
She slowly raises her head upwards

In the dim stars light
She sees her man in his window
Holding his video camera
Shooting the scenes on the streets

The man records as he sees
The scenes of the night
He trains his video camera
On the dark clothed woman

He finds nothing in his video camera
He looks puzzle then he sees it again
What he finds is just a blurry image
He can't understand rubbing his head

The dark clothed woman changes
Into a dark eagle flying high in the sky
Within seconds the black eagle watching
On the TV antennae

The man still records his viewing
He doesn't see the dark woman
Slowly she transforms
Train her eyes the man jumps

Screaming loudly in the night
As he floats in the midnight air
He can't believe he did that
What crazy idea he can't explain!

The dark woman floats with him
Laughing at his falling to the ground
Then she grabs him by his neck
The hand claws cling into his flesh

He screams in the night
Nobody will look up to the sky
He is alone with the evil
He doesn't know why it's him

Then she makes him fall
Hitting the ground with a loud thud
He breaks his legs and neck
She bites him the night changes
The party goers see
The body flying hurriedly
As they are driving out the open parking
The scream of the night

They stop moving
Eyes peeling into the night sky
They see a human body
Plunging rapidly downwards

They hear the loud thud
They come out to see
For a while they are searching
Then they see a dark clothed woman

Rising upwards to the sky
She disappears into the night
They rush to the spot
The man lays on the tarmac

They see blood
Painting on the tarred road
A few calls the police station
Within minutes a patrol car responds

The police condone off the area
The man lays as he is from his fall
The police call the ambulance
The crowd gather to watch

The police bring a stretcher
Using black plastic sheet to cover the body
The police officers bring the dead man
Into the stretcher and carry him away

In the ambulance
The siren rings in the night
The black clothed woman smiles
The night is just beginning

The crowd disappear
Some murmuring to themselves
They look up at the high rise building
They see a dark shadow flies

Monday, July 25, 2011

the scream of the night 1


In the dark
The dim light of the streets
A dark lonely figure appears
Standing silently with the wind

The dark attire
The free swaying by the breeze
Alone waiting for her preys
Of the night she knows plenty

The runaways
They don't have a permanent hiding place
They seek shelters every convenient area
Hiding from parents and friends

The party goers at night
When they say night is young
Partying right through
Of sleep they hardly recognize

The dark clothed woman
She glows in the darkness
Don't look into her eyes
She weaves her magic

The scared hungry runaways
They can be her pick of the night
The drunkard party goers
They will never know what hit them

In the dark
The scream ringing high
Of lives lost
Of parents sorrow

the smell of ashes

The smell of ashes
In the windy flow
In the air wandering free

The haze in the sky
On the main range fly
Of misty clouds fooling eyes

Who burn in the open?
Somewhere quite far from here
Choking the breathing

The indifferent attitude
Of people through habits
Opening burning ashes fall

In the homes
In the cars
The wind just carry it along

the day of a life

The dripping droplets of water
On the wet clothing
Hanging by the cloth lines
Leaving it in the open
Let the breezes play
Swaying with the strong wind
Dancing wild on the strings
Nobody will pay minute watch
It is left to the natural light
Of sun and heat to dry
Along the way the little birds fly
Hop on it smell the detergent
Before they fly away

The sparrows tweets
In the morning sun
The cloudy sky cause by haze
It seems to rain
The wind blowing it away
The hazy clouds painted in the sky
The strong breezes keep blowing
The little birdies fly

On the road
Some joggers run
Sweat flowing breathing hard
Under the hazy clouds
What are they thinking?
Breathing the unwanted air
They should minimize it
For health reasons they should

Yet there are some
Open burning of dry leaves
Choking the air to breathe
The ashes drop on cars and homes
Mopping floors the daily routine

The revving cars
The noisy motorcycles
Along the road
The sky of hazy day

the old car

The old car in the sun
Painted color white
By the side of the house
It looks new in its make-up

The old age may have come
The old car serves into its life
Now only running around town
In the night is all it runs

Yesterday all the signals light
It went down on strike
The fused checks nothing was wrong
Maybe it could be the wiring faults

Back to the car clinic
The old car swerves its owner well
Through the years finally the age old cracks
The minor setbacks but still running

Sunday, July 24, 2011

amy winehouse

amy winehouse

The demons in her life
She couldn't get it out in time
She could have it all in fame
If only she could kick her habits

The demons finally took her
When the fighting could not bear fruit
Amy Winehouse died in her home
Finally succumbed to her addictions

The world of music lovers
They will mourn her loss in time
For years the stories will be told
Of a woman who couldn't crack her habits

Now she will find her rehab
She can't say she doesn't need
The life that she leads here
It will be different where she is going

The Lord will be merciful
When she finally sees....
In the heavenly world
She will sing

change ourselves

Ticket To Hell 

Once the paradise
Of mortar, steel and time
The man made heavens
One day it will be gone

The nuclear power plants
Emerging out of necessity
Of fuel for the countries need
Solar energy keep it aside

The destruction on paradise
The man made heavens will die
The urban trash in high rise
The unkempt surroundings

The diseases multiply
Slowly eating into the body lives
If you don't get whacked up
Guns and bullets take you down

If small doesn't do
The nuclear explosion will
Once the paradise
Now it is a time bomb to hell

Change ourselves
A little bit will make a difference
Else we will be changed
By our own greed and corruption

paradise hell

paradise of the hell

Paradise Hell
On an island in Norway
The death toll reached 91
By a lone gunman in police uniform

The holiday crowd
The unfortunate ones
One by one shot
For 90 minutes before police arrived

The horror of death
The unspeakable deranged mind
When death knocks at the door
For guns and bullets easily bought

It's a saddest story
When lives lost unnecessary
It's better to ban all guns and bullets
Limit it to police, army and navy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

butterfly 4

You now fly away
For the moments of your life
You were nearly died

Now you take flight
Leaving the garden
As you make it away
Into the life you seek to find

You don't worry
You will find your way
You will let the light shine

On the wings
You are flapping away
The colors of your life
You reach the light the moments cherished

the people wait

The pirates want the publicity
Going on to meet the people
Let them feel how important they are
The fishing votes into the future

The small tokens to swing
The pirates hope to get the mandate
In the election when it is called
The smiling people never tell their stories

The people smile and laugh
Hand shakes and be cowed
Into the dens of small benefits
The pirates wish the people know

For decades the pirates plunder
The wealth of the nation.......
From the sea to the land
Even back doors they don't care

When they find their empire is dying
They want to soothe for past decades
Giving alms and goodies
They hope the people forget

The eyes of the people
They have seen the way
They are now better equipped and informed
They will not be cowed any more

The people wait
The opportunity to hit the box
The time is drawing near
The change of landscape soon

butterfly 3

You fly of your time
You don't worry
You live your own way

You stop by on the leaves
Maybe you want to take a break
Holding it for a while
The lizard darts its tongue

You are caught
The flight of your life
You can't shake it free
You feel the knifing teeth

Slowly it buries into your body
You look to the sky pleading
The strong wind blowing along
Twigs fall hitting the lizard

As it falls you are free
You nearly die in the jaws of death
Now flapping your wings
You know living has its dangers

butterfly 2

Butterfly Fairy

In the heat of the sun
You fly with colorful sight
In the air flapping your wings
You don't worry

You smile in the light
The soft breezes blowing
You let it go free

In the moment
Up in the sky
You show your colors
The beautiful sight

In the heat of the sun
You make your life
The way you want it

butterfly 1


You fly so free away
In the morning light
You don't worry

Even haze in the sky
Butterfly you never stop flying
From plant to plant
You don't worry

You lay your eggs
The activities of your life
Butterfly you keep on flying
The moments you enjoy

The sun light shine
You glow your colors
In the bright of your life

the jungle rot

Jungle Rot - Kill On Command 2011

Jungle Rot - Kill On Command 2011

The jungle in the dark
Camouflage by the dark green leaves
With tall giant trees and bushes
What live there hard to say

The polluted air
The acid rain
It makes lives burning hell
In the jungle it falls

The bulldozers
Driving in for the kill
Of profits of self centred aims
The jungle slowly turn mad

The forces of Nature
She unleashes her anger
The waterfall rampage
The rivers run its course

The animals turn
They aren't going to shy away
They come after for survival
The jungle can't take anymore

The balancing activities
It must be fair to all
Don't think of profits
Think of our living systems