Saturday, September 30, 2006

what's up Malaysia 13?

There are about 1.8 foreign workers in the country but how many of them are duly registered? Crime rates go up. Police has a tough job on hands. What about diseases these foreigners bring to the country. I know about broken marriages leaving wives and children behind while the husbands/fathers go back to their countries of origin. Later nothing is heard about them. Families needs the government has to take care. Our government tahu cakap saja bikin memang sukar. Our yo yo policies lack the bite for action. Pak Lah is like a comet later his light is fading fast......the rakyat just can't understand what he is trying to do. The vision and direction is very blurry to me. Why can't he tell the truth who is running the country? Now we have China Dolls stealing the aging men for sexual cohabitations. The poor wives will run second best. Why? Men painted faces. When women treat them beautifully, they forget about homes and wives. Good guys are hard to come by. Likewise good women can't find. Anyway what is good? What is bad? It is still on perception of how one views the situation. Good sex only...good companionship.. or combination of good sex and companionship?????????? Older men will go for young women......truly a fact. It is not a fiction. Check out in nightclubs or those night entertainment outlets. I used to go long time ago in Kuala Lumpur until I got fed up with the ugly side of the city that I hid in the hill resort.....still miss the cool and fresh air....maybe thinking of buying a property there.......I dream can become a reality which one shouldnt lose focus on it.

Friday, September 29, 2006

anabess eco super saver

Do you know about Anabess ECO super saver product?This product claims to save electricity by nearly 40%. It has introduced in the market through one sole agent. I bought the leaflet to TNB office to clarify which as usual the branch manager didnt know anything about it. This product is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified. You just pluck into the power plug point nearest to the fuse box. It immediately controlled the inflow of electricity to the house which eventually cut down your electricity consumption. It costs on promotion $349.00. You just buy and pluck it in. No wire no messy work. With the cost electricity rates going up, this is a good way to save. I am not the agent or I am promoting the product. It is just that I found it could work.I am going to buy this product and save me some money......... energy...wah..wah...wah more lighting please!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

malaysian chinese

Chinese M’sians must accept their lotFNSep 26, 06 6:11pm

Lee Kuan Yew's recent controversial remark has stirred a new round of sabre rattling between Malaysian and Singapore politicians. Does Lee understand Malaysia's situation well enough to make such a remark? Even if he does, what right does he have to criticise Malaysia? Aren't Malay Singaporeans marginalised too? Malaysia's success in the international arena in both business and technology has no doubt become a threat to Singapore. By making such controversial remarks, is Lee hoping more Chinese Malaysians would hate their country and join Singapore? Don't forget that Singapore is facing problems with the lack of population growth. Are Chinese being marginalised in Malaysia? This is not a new issue. No one in Malaysia has ever brought up the issue so prominently because it is a sensitive issue in this country. The Malays have been given bumiputera status in Malaysia, meaning that the ‘sons of soil’ should be given priority in terms of political and financial interests. Not to forget, Chinese are only immigrants. With the help of the New Economy Policy in the past 35 years, I would say the Malays have slowly gained back something that has long belonged to them. What's wrong with this? I feel that the government should further restrict the economic interests of the Chinese because there are just not enough wealthy Malays in the country to bring about a balance in wealth distribution. I am surprised that some Chinese Malaysians have publicly supported Lee's remarks despite that the MCA leader has rejected them. We can see that the MCA leader is not capable of “stopping” his own people. If he cannot do that, he has no prospect of representing the Chinese. If the Chinese are able to have big houses and multiple cars, which most of the Malays do not have, why are they still not satisfied? What more do they want? Recently, the MCA vice-president, who is also the higher education deputy minister, publicly pointed out possible corruption in the repair work of a Chinese school, which was handled by the Works Ministry. I hereby demand that this minister be sacked immediately. First, no one should question the integrity of other cabinet ministers publicly. Second, by saying such things, the MCA minister did not care about the feelings of other ministers in the Education Ministry, who have approved the funding of the project. No one should question how the project was awarded and how the funds were used as all these had already been endorsed by the ministers. The MCA minister has brought great damage to the current system by asking for transparency. The contractors who had been awarded government projects will not forgive this minister if they are being scrutinised stricter in future projects, especially when this result in them not being able to make profit out of the projects. The MCA minister should mind his own business. Minding someone else's business means ‘eating’ in other people's territory. If this minister is not sacked, the works minister should write to the prime minister for his intervention. If not, this will set a detrimental precedent which forces a lot of Malays out of businesses as "we rather be mocked by others than have our stomach empty", to quote Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin. In short, Malaysia is a multi-racial society and only with the continuous strengthening of the Malay political and financial interests that it can be harmonious and prosperous country. Whether the Chinese are being marginalised or not is not important. The Chinese just have to accept the fact that living in Malaysia means they have to be subordinate to the ‘sons of the soil’. Printed from Malaysiakini

This writer is encouraging corruption in the contracts. When there is wrong, it would have to say Will the Chinese keep quiet? By nature they are hardworking lot. You can find the Chinese in every corner of the world. They are about one third of the world total population of over 6.2 billion people. What they want in life? Enjoy the fruits of their labour. The orang asli should be the 'bumiputras' of the country. The malays are also the pendatang majority can trace their roots to Indonesia through the time of Majapahit and Sri Vijaya Empires. We have achieved our 49 years of independence and I still find the Malays call the Chinese orang pendatang. I am lucky that I lived in a kampung in my formative years that I had my chance to interact with the other races. With them every one is a Malaysian nothing to do with branding. Sad isnt it? One day the Dragon may decide to rule the whole world then it will be scary.........remember the Chinese have the arsenal and the army to conqueur the world...I read her marine is around 1 million soldiers. The Malays should wake up and stop hiding behind NEP. In Islam the way forward is work for it. There shouldn't be any handouts unless you are poor and incapable of doing something. If one wants to be millionaire, one has to work on it. I dont subscribe to government assistance to turn a few millionaires through cronyism or political connections which is aplenty in our system benefitting to one race and the rest has to work hard for it.

Malaysia let there be a fair playing field for all Malaysians

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

local councils

DPM: Get public opinionDPM: Get public opinion

Consult first: All local authorities must seek the opinion of the public before making decisions affecting them. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said local councillors had the responsibility to get public opinion before a local authority made decisions that concerned the public.

courtesy The Star

Local councils should consult the people first before they plan something for the districts.Najib advised them in the local councils meeting recently. He should take a step further. Go for local council elections. In this way public wastage of funds can be controlled and the people have rights to exercise them. Currently it is an appointed position where the council presidents are beholden to the ruling party where the people have no say in the running of the local council or city hall. Time it should be reverted back to the election of these council presidents. We are going to celebrate our 50 years of independence next year yet we dare not allow people in the districts to elect their own council presidents. Time for change. The ruling party can't say we shouldnt try for a new party to run the country. It is good that a new party controlled the government and we see what will it be like. We only see in Asian countries that the ruling party holds the government for ages without changes always disagreeing that new party can't rule the countries. We have to take a leaf from USA or UK. The people there keep changing governments yet the countries have progressed without any abandonment to its promises to the voters.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

romance gone wrong

Police romance gone wrong. Maybe the boyfriend wanted to show off to his friends. It was reported he sent the movie on his handphone by mistake. His friend sent off to other friends. And the unthinkable object became the envy of many people. The police woman nearly committed suicide when she came to know about it. But she was saved in time. She might felt the humiliation of her romance been shown around amongst his friends.I wonder why women allowed boyfriends to film it. There are many cases of these films being used for blackmail or forced into sex over and over again. This is to create humiliation for the women and perhaps fear of their downward spiral in the social order. Heck.....the first place it shouldn't be allowed to film! I remembered once about a rich Chinese couple in Penang who lost his private tapes with his wife or girlfriend to thieves who ransacked his bungalow house. He managed to get all back by paying a hefty ransom for his private tapes. When romance is on fire many couples always allow many things to happen. When the romance turns sour many things they want to forget. But on tapes it is hard to forget. Like Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson. Me?? Yes you!!!Psst..............I am a private viewer in the net like those fishermen throwing out their nets hoping to get big fishes and sail home the seas.

the truth hurts

The truth hurts. Who won't?The leaders hide the truth. For the sake of the country? It will become a disservice to the nation. Truth must prevail though parties involved may not like it. It has to tell. Lew Kuan Yew hit at his neighbour across the causeway. The government wanted to hear his complete view. MCA and MIC kept silence or they said something nice afraid to lose their government jobs. When it is the truth say it. If you gathered all the press statements, the leaders are hiding the truth. Read the views from the opposition parties like DAP or Keadilan. UMNO says the 30% hasnt achieved yet for the Malays. Look into reality economic scenes. Government departments at least 99%, universities enrolment at least 70%, teaching profession at least 80%, police and army at least 95%, banks at least 80%, corporate at least 50%, small contractors at least 80%, taxi drivers at least 90%, cabinet ministers say 75%...I believe the non-malays are marginalised in the country. The policies is still geared to race not to all Malaysians. The country had celebrated her independence of 49 years yet the race is still playing in our lives. Next year it is 50 years..Poverty levels apply to all cross sections of the communities maybe slightly difference in urban/city areas and villages/kampungs.

Malaysia.............for all people all religions

Saturday, September 23, 2006

snatch thieves

courtesy The Star

Snatch thieves on the rise! Yesterday I heard friend said there were snatch thieves along the road leading to the housing estate. They drove in pair in a motorbike. Sometimes they snatched handphones while the targets were talking while walking on the road. Every one suspected the Indonesions were doing it. Some were daring to ask the houseowners to open the gates when they stopped them entering the houses. Tools - parangs. Result fear of losing lives or sustain injuries....this is the factor that mostly used by these snatch thieves. Now I have to pay caution when I go jogging....or opening and entering my house. I go back to the new house at around 11-11.30 at night. Day time I spend my day in the other house. It has become a routine of sorts but I always drive in different roads to reach my destination. I can't allow the same routine to be a target next time so I better plan now........I think the economy isnt good for most people. When the jobs are plenty, no crimes really happening. It is only when jobs are hard to come by, the desperate people go for desperate measures. When one needs to survive, one has to do what it takes to keep alive!!!!!!!!

what's up Malaysia 12?

The DPM can say what he wants. He has forgotten that people elect MPs to Parliament So now nobody can say what's wrong with the government or MPs can't open their mouths to say something bad about each other ministries. About accountability, transparency, responsibility, etc etc etc etc going down the dark ages of the caves. The former Backbencher Club Chairman got whipped and he resigned as his principle. Now I read the universities elections followed the tactics used by the ruling party (UMNO) No concrete plan to execute but using unsavoury tactics to bring down opponents. These are the future leaders for the country.....and they learned the bad management in universities in these elections. Was it so important to these student leaders? It is the time they had to execute concrete plans so that they are well prepared in the reality world when they graduate. But they dont use these opportunities but copied the wrong tactics though they won the elections. Sad for the future generations if these leaders become the ministers.....

Malaysia....where are the true honest leaders?

Friday, September 22, 2006

what's up Malaysia 11?

Malaysian politicians always go for their periok nasi so I dont listen as much as I should though they are the ones who make the laws and policies in the country Now I had report in newspapers and articles that the benefits of the country is geared towards one race leaving out the other races in the country. There are many dealings benefitting a race which disallowing a fair place to deal. Even in contracts with the government or states it is favoured to one particular race. It is a fact that all government depts are occupied by one race. The NEP is crafted to benefit all Malaysians but it is hijacked to benefit one race. So when DPM commented on Harry Lee of Singapore(former premier of Singapore) the DPM is hiding it in his statements. He should check his facts before he replied in the press. In reality policies and contracts are given to one race and the rest has to fight for it like in public universities and even university of MARA is catered for one race only. MCA and MIC are the partners in the coalition without a teeth to bite.I am going to decide in the next election...

Malaysia is for all races

Thursday, September 21, 2006

what's up Malaysia 10?

A school in Muar subject of controversy. A renovation cost $3,000/- billed for $30,000/- When the deputy higher education made his remarks, the education minister took offence. He brought it up in the Cabinet and the higher education minister had to apologise and reprimanded his deputy directed by the Cabinet. Now the issue was correct. Will the education minister apologise? Will the Cabinet retract the order? Something is wrong in the government. Talking about transparency but it never practises. It is good somebody said it. In the true spirit one should have checked it personally. Dont trust your officers to go down to see. It is best the education minister made a trip down to the school to investigate. The works minister and housing and local government minister went to the school to get to the bottom of things. The report proved what the deputy higher education minister said was true. Any public apology from the education minister??

A young teenage mother in the soup gave away her son then reported missing.Who was to blame? The young boyfriend of 18 years old jobless youth to blame for advicing her to give away? The ex-husband who didnt take care of child support as he himself is jobless? Or the society in her village failed her? She is a young girl of 14 years old. I couldnt understand why the mother allowed her to get married because she herself couldnt take care of her children? Now what happen? Sad story.There was another report that a 21 years old man buried a foetus in her mother's backyard. He reported it to his mother who called the police to investigate. I think sex education should be introduced in schools. Apparently many young adults dont know about family planning. This is 21st century!!!!!

Malaysia Day on 16 September fanfare no news about it. It is so important date for Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya which formed Malaysia yet there is no big news about it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

property dives

Property moves to slump.....yet the report said otherwise. Look newspaper advertises the auction of properties in Penang. Many houseowners failed to settle their housing loans. The economy is dwindling. There are retrenchments with notices or without notices. Many workers are caught in the web of power play - have money you survive. I feel sad because these workers have families and mountain of debts to pay. Now the economy situation is on walking space. In the middle of September Penang hosted the property fair. Because many units are unsold. Buyers want to see what are the packages offer. But Klang Valley seems to construct more houses/apartments/condominiums...with offer prices reaching millions a unit. If you cruise around in Shah Alam housing estates, you find many put up for sale signs. Some I noted have been there for years. I sometimes pass the area. If these housebuyers bought properties for resale, there are in a tight spot now. They can't find buyers for resale. In my own housing estate there are many empty houses for sale but no takers. I feel the economy is not vibrant as before. Check the motor car sales. It had dropped like 20% compared with last year. Now one has to invest wisely or put it in FD or trust funds ( which I dont feel safe with it unless the banks guarantee the principle sum with interest)

thai military coup

Military coup in Thailand!! Nothing new really. Thailand has the habit of military coup. The last coup was 15 years ago. This one will be the 18th military coup in her history. It is always the instability in the country. Demonstrations, terrorists'bombings, corruption in the government, people dissatisfaction of what? So the military takes over the government. The military has the powerful gadgets in its command. The military chief can do alot of things with it so ruling the government and the country is a piece of cake. Now the people of Thailand should accept it for awhile. I guess there will be a huge demonstration in the country. If the military rulers are not careful, the Islamic militants will take over the country through bombs and threats.

I love my country for the peace and stability; people and food and freedom to to do what I want except dont go against the laws of the country

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

what's up Malaysia 9?

Karpal Singh, MP

Nazri shouldnt have commented on Karpal Singh.He should show respect for the veteran politician on wheel chair caused by a motor car accident. This is what Islam Hadhari showing to the people?. He should have compassion for his fellow MPs. Maybe one day when he is on wheel chair then he would realize how difficult life could be. Then he should consult Anthony of what to do. This is a cheap shot. He shouldnt be in Parliament. What are his contributions in Parliament? PM in control of his party members??? I seriously doubt it. Nazri has been going on like this for months. PM should relieve him of his post and get someone who shows compassion and knows that insults will create disharmony in Parliament. AAB shouldn't think he has 22 years to play his cards. No Sir!!!! You should play your game the minute you become PM. There is no honeymoon Sir! Get your horses race the finish line....

Monday, September 18, 2006

do god create good and evil?

Image Preview

Do God create good and evil? I think He did. Lucifer, the angel of light, challenged Him and Lucifer was banished to Earth buried deep in the Earth crust..imprisoned for life until the appointed time. Then He made the Tree of good and bad...Adam and Eve got tricked by a snake (some texts recorded it was Lucifer who tricked them to fall from grace because he was jealous of the special treatment God gave them) and was banished to Earth too. So in a sense God make good and evil. These are the forces creating sparks in the lives of many people....happiness and tragedy; good and evil; love and hate, befalling the children of God. If not He wont send so many prophets to tell the people to be good, be kind, be charitable, respectful to others....but many failed to grasp the 'living in paradise and in heavens' Even the last prophet Muhammad couldnt bring the people to remember God. Why? As it is written in the Bible, Lucifer will have his upper hands right now. God allow it to happen because He believes His chosen people can live up to His expectations. Though Islam is the way to peace, the religious zealots got it wrong to approach it. When Muhammad died, Islam is split with the Caliphs. Example Iran and Iraq. Saudia Arabia suppose to be the leader to bridge the Middle East conflict but the people or the leaders never come out to play the role. So the conflict will continue. Lucifer or Satan will have his way until God/Allah decides enough is enough. God wants peace. But we never ask why we see or experience conflict in ourselves?God make it to happen so He can feel how important He is

cleaning house

Cleaning house. I dont like stepping on the ladder. I always feel I am stepping in the air. My whole body tenses up. But I have to clean and wipe the fans - 7 fans but I do 6. I leave out the fan at the patio for another day of cleaning. Maybe some of you arent afraid of height. It reminded me of my former work place where the water tanks were kept on the higher floors. I had to climb up through a ladder. I had tried many times to do it but each time I failed. So one day after a warming up exercise I ran to the steps and I went up to the water tanks area. I was happy that I did. When I wanted to climb down, I had a problem. Never mind I wasnt going to fall down. But it took me awhile to calm myself and I finally climbed down from the water tanks area. The next day I tried again....Psstttt I didnt manage to go up again. The next day after that I watched my workers climbed up and down so easily. They didnt feel anything at all. To them it was a routine job..Now back to my cleaning house on my own. I do manage to step up to 4. This is about how far I could go. I haven't tried going higher than 4 because I know I will get the sweat......but going up lift is nothing to me. I once stayed at level 22 floors. I got a nice view of Penang Island then. Now I have to handle most things on my own in the house...

i am in control, is it PM?

Prime Minister of Malaysia

'I am in control' says the PM.It is the second time he said that. The first was "I am the PM. I decide" On the ground as collected from reports he seems to lack the leadership to reign in his own people. Like the case in Tanjung UMNO where the Balik Pulau UMNO members brought placards to humuliate Dr Koh Tsu Koon, the Chief Minister of Penang who was invited as a guest of UMNO. AAB was upset but he didnt take any action on these UMNO members which only its division chief apologised for his members lack of decorum. One should have shown respect for an invited guest but not to disgrace him. As the president of UMNO, AAB should have whipped his stick to silence these ungrateful UMNO members. But he didnt do it.IN management when you allow an employee to push for his needs to the level you think he shouldnt do it but you keep taking it, the employee will push it in. Likewise others will pursue the same agenda and finally nobody knows who is in control - the leader or the followers..He has been the PM for nearly 4 years yet he doesnt do much to uplift the country image and managing well the resources for the rakyat. Hanya cakap2 saja membuat pelan2 tapi kerja2 masih belum dapat diketahuinya. I dont agree to give him time to make his marks. He has to engage it the first day he took office. He is in the Cabinet before. He knows the mechanics of running the country. He isnt new to the affairs of state. Like the USA president he doesnt have time to settle in. He has to move because he has 4 years to mark his milestone...unless he wins his next election..otherwise he has 4 years to whip up his image. He doesnt have the luxury to take his time....for a cuppa of coffee

When you are in control, you dont have to say it! People recognize it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

terrorist wants to create fear

Terrorist wants to create fear In it the group will know how people react to that fear.....of losing one's life in a bomb or get caught and beheaded in the name of its cause not in the name of The Lord!! The world has seen the work the group of terror. It is taking lives through fear which is the ultimate weapon to destablize people and country. As long as people dare to fight back and oppose the group activities then the situation will return to normal. It is the group of people who couldnt live in other's rules and regulations. It is how the group made its name. People get scared and feared of their lives. Words spread. Terror roams their lives. In it it is the people who are demonized by their own judgement to correct a wrong but in return many wrongs are done. The World is full of evil barons; hiding agendas pretending to fight for a cause to serve mankind but actually wants to grab economic values enriching their own coffers at the expense of the people in general. Chaos begins to strike the country; people suffer, nation destablizes, law and order non-existence. Fear rears its ugly head. Everyone can't help each other; each is own his/her own. So the country will find a longer time to regain the trust of the people. Nobody will win. The years of suffering will bring untold misery to the people and nation.
Likewise we have read report of terror in South Thailand. The latest report Haadyai was hit by bombs planted by the terrorists. 6 Malaysians were injured. If this problem doesnt contain quickly, it may spread to Bangkok. Currently it is happening in Southern Thailand.


Chinese cafes or restaurants frequent by Chinese; Malay cafes or restaurants frequent by Malays but Mamak cafes or restaurants frequent by Chinese and Malays....Indian cafes or restaurants what happen to the Indians? Indian stalls can't hardly survive by its race. Even when the Indian stalls set up in the Chinese stalls area, it fails to take off. It makes me realize that the taste buds of different races different. Maybe it is the spicy food that the Chinese can't take it. It is the reason why the Mamak stall made lots of money. There is a place in KL where a Mamak stall makes roughly $6,500/- a day employing over 35 staff. Compare to the Malay stalls only frequent by the Malays....I had tasted some of those stalls here and the food are good yet the response is poor...basically bolih hidup sehari...besok cuba lagi Now at my area there are a few Mamak stalls but here Malays frequent it whereas opposite or nearby these stalls, the Chinese stalls are packed with Chinese.....the food as in KL, Johore, Penang, Kedah, Pahang or Singapore are sweet.....maybe this can be a reason why it is popular....even I tasted Secret Receipe is sweet cheese cake...why can't these outlets cut down the sugar?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

clearwater sanctuary golf resort

Gone to the Floral fest at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort in Stone Elephant. The place is quiet on Saturday. Reached the golf course around 12.oo something. I missed the first directional sign written 2km to the golf course but I drove nearly to Batu Gajah town. The sign should read say 500 meter turn right if one is driving through Kellie Castle way. So I missed the turn. Then I reversed the car when I saw I was hitting Batu Gajah town. So I was right. I saw the T-junction going to Clearwater Sanctuary, drove for less than 1km turned left all the way until I saw the security post. The guard was friendly. I got a visitor pass and I drove right in. As I saw the golf course first time, I saw it as a quiet place to relax. Of course the lakes are man made of those times of the heyday of the tin mining years. Most of the trees of old remain on the ground and the lakes have become backdrop for the tee-off. I am not a golfer though I did play the game. I am towards jogging, walking, indoor exercises and some basic martial art. Then walked around the place. The direction signs for the floral fest were non existence. Finally I managed to locate it. It was at the back of the club house. Floral fest......majority orchid plants. I was disappointed because I dont plant it in my garden. I managed to buy jawa palm trees and lime tree. Had lunch facing the lake with the cool breeze blowing. After that I drove back home....

The pope should say sorry

Image Preview

The Catholic Pope should apologise for his remark on Islam.He shouldnt comment on history on the sensitivity of Islam. What history had done let it be. He shouldnt have to bring it up to say something everyone had try forget about it. The Pope should know about the Crusades and Emperor Constantine of Rome. My view the Pope should say sorry. A leader must be able to accommodate complaints on his remark. If he says how people get converted during those times, he should have say the something about Christianity and the Gospels which were written and edited to blend with Constantine desire to unit the people then - those who refused were killed by the swords..Now the world has done damages...we dont need to have another one hitting hard on our heads, do we?

Pope.....remember "Love thy neighbour"

Lost child found

Police managed to find the lost child. Apparently the young mother made up story. How could she do it? She forgets she is a mother to her child. Listening to her current boyfriend....she is way too young to be a mother. Maybe she never learns the mistakes of her mother. History in this case repeats itself. The DPP should advice her accordingly as she is in her emotional state of mind. Punishing her will make her worse in her life. As it is she is desperate to get a job to fed herself and her family. With this closure I hope employer out there will offer her a job to tide her over.....which I think it shouldnt be difficult...

Friday, September 15, 2006

toddler missing

Lately heard of PM official residence wired up with security worth $20 million. Now a boy toddler lost in a mall. No CCTV. The boy's mother left him unattended when she went in for her job interview. When she came out, the toddler disappeared together with her ID. Why so careless? Now she asked for help. Nobody knew how to locate the toddler. She could have ask the staff to help her look after the toddler but she didnt. Now she is going to regret her stupidity in her life...I pray the toddler will be returned by someone who found the toddler wondering about somewhere...

photo courtesy of The Star

A man tried to rape a year 2 primary student but failed. Now police has beefed up security to protect the primary students in the school. Parents must play their roles to protect the innocent ones from the predators.

what's up Malaysia 8?

PM security tops $20 million!!!Why should PM require that kind of security? He has police guards and trained dogs in the compound. No matter what security systems installed if somebody wants to do his job he will find ways of doing it. Never heard of suicide bombers? For example look at US of A....she has the best security system in the world and yet the security systems were caught napping in the case of 9/11. I wish that kind of money should be used to help the needy in the country not waste on this stupid security systems. He should have Gukhas soldiers which I think is much better than anything else.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

house deed

Image Preview

Today I got my house deed after a year wait. Initially the letter was posted to my former address and was redirected back to my current residence. I couldnt understand the lawyer's work. The firm knew how to send to my currrent address when asking for payment to complete the transaction of the housing deed. When asked to collect the housing deed the firm sent it all the way to the wrong address. You think lawyer knows about marketing and sales.....I guess lawyers are in the dark about product and services. So the title deed came home. Now is the next date in March 2007 but the physical unit is almost ready. It faces a nice landscaping where I can go for my exercise - jog around the green with trees and grasses on the slopes...and it is not far away from the landscaped lake surrounding. This house in Bandar Seri Botani is basically a retreat....I am going to enjoy my life hehehe. My base is still the present houses here. I dont know yet whether I will buy a property back in my home town in the Klang Valley.....think about it next year 2007....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

man and woman

Image Preview

Man and Woman. This is where the fun and problem....running out in our daily lives. Every marriage is to last through the shared journey....the laughter, the crying, the smile, the romance, the heartache, the financial spins, and what with in-laws.....when the foundation is porous, it is where the serious crack begun to bite off slowly at first then it begins to drag out the demons in the open which become a sleepless night every time the argument rings in the dark and light. Aging has become a drawback. For man looking for new conquests for woman losing out to the sweet woman living next door or in the office...Never once tell 'this is my wife and this is my husband' You put a label which becomes a trophy and a trophy stays in the cupboard for showing of past conquests...which become too cozy losing the warm and crazy relationship of courtship..This is married couple pitfall. The woman loses her identity...Sometimes I wonder why a woman seems so eager to call herself 'I am Mrs So and So' What happen to her name or identity?I always advice 'this is my girlfriend and this is my boyfriend' It gives one the adrenalin to pursue each other. It is the fun and games to build a strong relationship although they are married Work on the relationship day and night. Never forget to embrace or hug. It is the warm feeling of a need for both. Dont always try to win an argument. Look at the bigger picture. Give in doesnt mean you lose face; it means you treasure the sweet relationship. Above all remember God's wisdom.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

money politics

Dr M claimed money politics was involved for his lost in Kubang Pasu election. A woman UMNO member passed him a list of preferred candidates to him when she used the malay salam to greet him. The chorus now is for Dr M to file a complaint and UMNO disciplinary board will act on it. Najib asked Dr M to file his complaint.There are serious issues for Najib to plod on.Say like tsunami fund and the controversial sports complex in UK costing $490 million. And the life bullets for NS trainees should stop. It was reported something like $65 million. If that is the number, it is better used to help the poor Malaysians to live a reasonable live.There will be more coming out from Dr M. He hasnt lost his touch with his thoughts. He has a sharp mind and he doesnt mince his words. Of course along his days he did make mistakes and overall he did a job for the country and for his party.

Monday, September 11, 2006

good food

When I found something good in the area I stay, suddenly or a few months later; I couldnt find it anymore. Especially food!The best in my area now are roti canai, capati, puree(it is the best I ate so far soft and crunchy), beehoon siam, laksa and roast duck(but I can't find anyone to beat Pulau Tikus duck rice in Penang) Durians too. I can't find the man who sell durians during Wednesday pasar malam(night market) Last time I bought from him I had my stomach full of durians. I spent about $250/- on durians. Before I ate my durians under the big old tree in a small town. It reminded me of my kampung days. I managed to get D24 but it wasnt so often I could get good durians. Papayas are yo yo....Sometimes sweet most times no taste at all. The next on my list is grapes. One should eat the whole fruit including seeds in it. It is suppose to kill cancer cells in the body ( I mean the grapes fruit seeds) I use to take a spoonful of honey in the morning. It helps to maintain one's health. (Prophet Muhammad pbuh used to do that in his life and he used to encourage his followers to do that and he didnt suffer any major diseases in his life)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dr M lost

Dr M kalah dicawangan sendiri! When you are out of power, nobody cares a shit. You are left alone and fight your own battle.Nazri said Dr M stayed in power because of UMNO, because the members supported him, because the leaders supported him. Of course all leaders would support him otherwise you are going to face the exit door. Power controls the masses. It never fails throughout history. Now AAB has the power. Will he know how to play with it? My regret was the members in Kubang Pasu seemed to forget their own leader who founded UMNO Baru and a former Prime Minister. The way they voted him out spoke volume that when one is in power one should know how to select people to look for one's back.Now dont trust the current leaders who were once Dr M loyalists and followers.Perhaps they wanted revenge for what Dr M had done to them before. I always maintained that he shouldnt sack his deputy then Anwar Ibrahim on flimsy charges brought againt Anwar.Of course Dr M wont admit it his mistakes.

Malaysia.....when in power use it with compassion and humility and God will take care of you in the end...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

what's up malaysia 7?

I use to take my breakfast at the corner shoplot runs by an Indian Muslim family who has his eatery shops in KL too. This one is managed by his other son. Today he says he doesnt like this quiet unbeat town. He can't see his life in this slow pace town. He prefers KL. He is going back to the city by end of this month. He says "The city slicks are gentlemen"I wonder with his statement bearing in mind I came from the Klang Valley Basically I think he loses out his night life or the many complexes in the city. I have my time with the night scenes in the city. I guess I had seen enough of those days...

Dr M knows his fate

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Dr M will know his fate in his own division today(9/9/06) I wish the delegates in Kubang Pasu make a wise decision to send him to the UMNO General Assembly. There are anti-Mahathir groups trying to thwart his candidancy. AAB and his groups are trying to find ways to make sure Dr M is defeated in his own division. Even the group has asked a former Kedah MB to help them oust Dr M from his own division. I gues he could be Tan Sri Osman Aroff who was the deputy chief in Kubang Pasu to Dr M. But whatever reasons the delegates should vote him to the UMNO General Assembly. I keep wondering why UMNO fears Dr M

Friday, September 08, 2006


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This article is part ofthe History of Malaysia series

Prehistoric Malaysia (40,000-2,000 BCE)
Gangga Negara (2nd-11th century CE)
Langkasuka (2nd-14th century)
Pan Pan (3rd-5th century)
Srivijaya (3rd century -1400)
Majapahit (1293-1500)
Sultanate of Kedah (1136-present)
Sultanate of Malacca (1402 - 1511)
Sultanate of Johor (1528-current)
Jementah Civil War (1879)
White Rajahs (1841-1946)
British Malaya (1874-1946)
Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824
Burney Treaty (1826)
Straits Settlements (1826-1946)
Klang War (1867-1874)
Pangkor Treaty of 1874
Federated Malay States (1895-1946)
Unfederated Malay States (19th century-1946)
Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909
Battle of Penang (1914)
North Borneo (1882-1963)
Mat Salleh Rebellion (1896-1900)
World War II (1941-1945)
Battle of Malaya (1941-42)
Parit Sulong Massacre (1942)
Battle of Singapore (1942)
Syburi (1942-1945)
Battle of North Borneo (1945)
Sandakan Death Marches (1945)
Malayan Union (1946-1948)
Federation of Malaya (1948-1963)
Malayan Emergency (1948-1960)
Bukit Kepong Incident (1950)
Independence Day (1957)
Federation of Malaysia (1963-present)
Operation Coldstore (1963)
Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation (1962-1966)
Brunei Revolt (1962-1966)
Singapore in Malaysia (1963-1965)
May 13 Incident (1969)
New Economic Policy (1971-1990)
Operation Lalang (1987)
1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis (1987-88)
Asian financial crisis (1997-98)

what's up malaysia 6?

tsunami disaster

Tsunami fund misused reported in the newspapers. The Auditor General Reported clarified that this special fund was used to refurnish Menteri Besar's offices. If that it so, the government has failed in its duty to lighten the burden of the tsunami victims. The DPM tried to side step the issue by saying that the government has the funds to mitigate the hardship of these people. This is one of those cases that accountability is lacking by the BN led government. I dont know how many cases floating somewhere in the worms of the government. Action should come with conviction; not by mere words and let it hangs there. Through the years the Auditor General Report remains as a report. There is no serious effort by the government to rectify the weaknesses in its administration. As they say the little napoleons rule supreme. The political masters just come and go without really tackling the issues of these little napoleans.


Look at Khairy....until today he doesnt apologise on his remark on the Chinese. He is arrogant and he played up to his race -ketuanan UMNO(Melayu) He should say sorry which is a sign of a good leader. Right now his Oxford education wasted in handling his drawbacks. He has the advantage in his political pursuits but it is a pity that he found hard to apologise.Just remember Malaysia does not belong to one race only!!!!!!!!!!!!And in Kubang Pasu Dr M the former founder of UMNO Baru and former PM will find it hard to get elected as a delegate for the coming UMNO General Assembly in November. Because the AAB and his cohorts will try their damnest to thwart Dr M emergence in the General Assembly. I hope these UMNO members in Kubang Pasu which Dr M is a member should recognize his contributions to his party and nation and vote him in. Jangan jadi seperti kacang lupakan kulit which I am sure during his time he had helped his own division while he was the President of UMNO and Prime Minister. No matter what he had done then these people should recognize him and his contributions to nation building.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

millions for dancing lessons. Crazy!!

Will you pay $30 million for dancing lessons for 8 years? A woman Hong Kong banker paid just that. But when the lessons turned sour she sued to recover her money back. The court awarded her back her millions plus 1% interest Why paid in advance? She is a banker. She could pay for 2 months advance or a year but for 8 years and with that amount of money she can earn interest in FD and she didnt have to go to court....Lesson learned. Dont put money where the result is unknown

Pemuda UMNO



pictures courtesy from little bird of penang/jeff ooi

The Malays in Penang complained that they are marginalised in Penang!!!!!!!!!Do they feel so unfair with their race? They have their reps in the State Government and most of the government departments and agencies. And they said they are marginalised. I can't understand the Pemuda Umno in Penang. The president of UMNO had advised them yet these Pemuda UMNO ignored his advice. The president who is the Prime Minister and also State UMNO Chief must have felt slighted by the antics of the Pemuda UMNO. They have their grouses against the Chief Minister of Penang. I believe they want the Chief Minister Post. This is the only post held by a non-Malay whereas all the states have Malay Chief Ministers. Likewise the Chinese and Indians too can say they have been marginalised because they are not in any position in the civil service and in the government agencies. Maybe a few selected posts but it is only less that 1.0% of the high ranking posts given to non-Malays. Perhaps they feel the president is weak and trying to put pressure by those who aspire to be the tops one day. I dont think they should use racial card to popularise claim to their grievances. Why dont they ask their own Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, their own state assemblymen and councillors? I am sure they will look after their own race.....

They forget Malaysia is a..............multi-racial country

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

stressful flame

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Macabre killings!This was reported yesterday in Star about a farmer who hacked to death an abbot and 4 temple workers on stressful behaviour. Apparently this farmer thought his wife had an affair with the abbot. This was only part of his problem. He owed people mony and had to move to avoid his creditors and he worked in the backbending jobs...The abbot eyes were gorged out, his stomack was slit open and the rest of the people were killed.So it is better to know what level one can take before tragedy strikes. Dont keep problems within. Share it with friends or anybody whom you think can help. It won't cause money. You just need an outlet to air your frustrations about somebody or something. In fact there are many friendly societies who are set up to handle this problem affecting the people. It isnt shameful to ask for help.If you saw Desperate Housewives episode, you would know that Bree checked herself in by telling the nurse she is going to have a nervous breakdown. It is because of her two children giving her mental anguish and her own personal grievances about her own life..Life has problem; nobody can dispute it. It is how one has to contain it to defuse the situation. Go for a walk, sit in the park, watch a movie - any type of movie so that you can relax your mind which you can use it to revaluate your problem, go fishing which is a solitary time to think about problem while waiting for the fish to bite, and I think the best one is to admit one's mistakes and move on with it. Say sorry and forgive. It hurts but after sometimes the pain will go away and you can start out with new vigour and focus..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

steve irwin

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Steve Irwin died yesterday
He got struck by a stingray
It pierced its tail to his heart
He died with toxins in its barb
Image Preview
The ebullient Australian
He showed us what fear can do
Capitalise it for the good work
He produced in television network
He taught us
What we saw in his programmes
Dont let fear fool you
It is a way to crumble a soul
Take the opportunity to learn
We are the most feared animal
We are the most talented beings
The animals should let us pass
The way he passed away
Filming it for a show
He died what he lived for
I wish him the pleasant journey
To meet his Lord in heavens

traffic fines reduce

Police decide to reduce traffic fines for most types of traffic offences. It is I think to get money than collecting zero in hefty fines. The Police may be right on this remedy but the question is will there be reduced traffic accidents? Nowadays most motorists seem blind to the traffic laws of the country. I am sure majority will be below 35 years of age - where speed seems to be king for men and women. I am always careful on T-junction cornering. I always find motorists or cyclists zoom by without knowing the consequences of their action. Why can't they stop for a few seconds? I had my fair share of near missed accidents on the T-junctions. On the road I have to look out for the cyclists who cycle on the wrong direction flow. Of course they dont follow traffic rules. And at night it becomes worst. I can't see them on the road. No lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello where are the police? Ai..yoh lu tak tahu? Tak cukup orang nak tangkap...Ask these traffic offenders to do community services in their areas for the reduction of their fines. No favours to anybody because laws are enacted to be obeyed by all citizens irrespective of positions.In this way these people will learn to avoid getting traffice fines. Obey traffic rules save lives.

Monday, September 04, 2006

dont make a woman mad

Dont make a woman mad! I better keep my distance. When I find a woman raging mad, I must run. It is better to avoid her for a moment and let temper cools down first. But it is the anger in her mind I have to watch out. Nobody knows what her mind will do.A jealous wife severed off her husband's penis while he was sleeping. She claimed her husband had a second wife but the man denied. Luckily for the man, the doctors managed to surgerically stitched it back. Now he is hiding in his room and he doesnt want to meet anybody.His wife is sent to jail for causing his physical injury.It reminds me of John Bobbit - the first husband got his penis cut off by his wife. He managed to get it stitched back and to proof to his wife that his penis is functioning good as usual, he acted in blue movies where it was reported he enjoyed a good publicity coverage and he earned a lot of money.He divorced his wife of course.I think a wife or girlfriend shouldnt act irrationally in an argument. A cool mind must prevail to arrest the untoward incident and regret it later. I always advice people to walk away when the argument turns too steam up. Take a break. Then come back to look at a different angle which most of times it helps to settle the argument. A rush decision will make it undecisive in pursuing a want or a need or worst still it may lend one in jail.....I rather bow out and enjoy my freedom than living in the confined area

Sunday, September 03, 2006

UMNO forgets Dr M

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Dr M is alone. His lone crusade to correct what he perceives as wrong in the current administration. He said he is a pariah in in his own party. Even friends of over 20 years sharing same table with him had shied away from him. I could feel his frustrations as the founder of UMNO Baru and former PM.This is the party he controlled for over 22 years and suddenly the same leaders forget him. I always believe one should show respect to former leader(s) even though that person is retired. On one hand the Malays want to be "Towering Malays" but they forget jasa ketua sendiri. How can they progress? No wonder they always want to spoon feed at every level and they want to be a premier race...I dont think they can be. If these leaders always play on race, they will not grow in the eyes of the people. Dont play to the gallery. A leader should make his/her progress with honesty, hard work and share views and reach out to the people. So the way these leaders treat Dr M is to me like a kacang lupakan kulit. Look even The Sun has criticised Dr M which at one time was singing tune to Dr M They should give Dr M the due respect of a national leader who brought Malaysia to the World stage. All these present leaders shouldnt be running the country.

Malaysia....the middle age dislikes

my house

Today drove to the Lim's Nursery to buy red palm trees and some indoor plants. Yesterday did the same routine bought plants and pots. The garden is slowly taking shape. Now to look for rocks to create a "rock garden effect" on the falling fountain at the patio.On 1/9/06 fixed the heat resistance materials in first floor rooms, patio and dry kitchen area to dispel warm heat in the enclosed spaces. Heat can be trapped beneath the roof tiles which will result the warm flow of heat in the house. With this it will control the room temperature which will make the house cooler.About 8 minutes drive there is a waterfall which I haven't been there yet. This town is new to me. I am from the Klang Valley but this town I stay is quiet with less traffic confusion.I like quiet place.....with amenities nearby and going there shouldnt be a hassle. I think I have enough of it in my home town.My porch area still leaks in the roof. This was the extension I did for the house but the contractor is trying his best to find ways to help but he wasnt successful. I met a guy recently and he told me to fix gutter at the roof edges to reduce the flow of water hitting the roof tiles. It will help. I havent told the contractor yet. My next problem is the garden lighting. It always trip in the fuse panel. The electrician had tried to switch wire but he wasnt successful as the latest incident occurred again yesterday. So I must see him tomorrow.

what's up Malaysia 5?

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AAB will apologize if he is wrong on Scomi controlled by his son when he defended his family in television. To me as a PM and Finance Minister he should be aware of his immediate family's business. After all his son didnt start Scomi when he becomes PM. So he is trying to avoid the sticky position he is in. I believe he will apologise not so soon. Maybe in the next election. He is a savvy politician; he knows what he says.He is trying to buy time to explain of his son's business.He shouldnt keep quiet for so long and then came out with a statement to say he would apologise if he is wrong. I feel he has made a few blunders in his administration. He should reign with full confidence in his skills. He should take immediate steps to rectify or reprimand any one in his administration who is out of line. I guess he wants to please his them time to correct the public views..

Saturday, September 02, 2006

merdeka day

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On Merdeka Day I did gardening. Oh...yes I passed through the padang but I didnt watch the parade. It started around 7.30am and dragged on until about 11.00am. I heard about the boring speeches. Why didnt the organizers make it a lively celebration on 31 August each year. Come 16 September will they do it for Malaysia Day? This time not many people flying the National Flags. Because of petrol hike, electricity hike, goods hike and toll hike. It could be a silent protest by the people. By next year petrol will be increased again to around $2.12/litre and toll charges will shoot up too. And dont forget the cycle on the other goods and services and the salaried workers pay will remain unchange. I rather did my gardening and forgetting about the fuss about. To me the government should highlight the people who make it happen besides Tunku, Tun Tan Cheng Loke and Tun Sambathan but other important personnel who took part in the formation and also people from Sabah and Sarawak..I remember my Merdeka in my mind and I feel proud to be one.

budget 2007

Yesterday PM announced his budget. I didnt watch the live telecast because it was boring!!!!!!!! Anwar Ibrahim did a better job when he was the Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister. Every one had to get dictionary to understand the words he used in his budget presentation. This budget is prelude to an election in 2007. I doubt AAB will call for election after April 2008 by which time Anwar is eligible to contest. UMNO leaders are afraid of Anwar Ibrahim. They claimed they had buried him but they are afraid of his shadows growing bigger in their midst. So the budget benefits a cross section of the people. It is always the civil servants who benefitted the most - housing, allowance, 2 months bonus, loans, etc. But there is no reduction on cars. I wonder why. The cars dealers are crying of slacking sales. Some secondhand car dealers had closed shops. Proton posted a loss in Q2 Profit and Loss Result....Tax increases for sin products which is good but I dont think it will work. Addicts will find it expensive but they will buy and indulge in these unhealthy goods - rain or shine they will go and buy!! Corporate tax will be lowered to 27% in 2007 and 26% in 2008 and pensioners will get a one off payment from $200 to $500 but I doubt it will help these pensioners. It is better to put in a trust fund earn interest or invest it to get better returns and the banks guarantee the principle sum invested. In this way the pensioners will get a better deal every year. I have nothing much to gain in this budget. I have nothing to take and give. I am practically on my own..

women the best gift god gives to men

Women works should be at home. So I read in a report published in UK magazine. Woman has many roles to play. Now you can't put her at home all the times, can we? No. She has to decide which area(s) she wants to specialise. If one practises multi-tasking jobs, one can't satisfy everybody. Somebody will feel neglect. In so doing compromise and coordination need to be managed between boyfriends and husbands or lovers. In this borderless boundary no restriction can ever work. Women of today are well educated and skilled in their job functions that the men have to double up to stay in contention. Men were the aggressors. Now they should compromise with the women. They can't stay away from housework or children. They have to share in the housework to balance their careers as working parents. Two days ago I saw in TV about Everybody loves Raymond and in this eposide Raymond wanted to watch his TV whereas his wife wanted to vacuum the living room in anticipating of their guests. Raymond refused to bulge and eventually argued and fought till in the bedroom. I stopped here. Just changed the scene. Raymond went to help his wife to vacuum and he could share his TV programme with his wife later. It brought them deeply together and earned credits for him... So I say a man should go out to woo the woman in every possible way. The greatness of man who is willing to go beneath himself.